Nokia 3310 4G can make an LTE-powered Wi-Fi hotspot

30 January 2018
The phone runs YunOS, an Alibaba-developed fork of Android, but don't get too excited.

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  • Dilu
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  • 01 May 2023

Wifihotspot available?

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    • RedFlame
    • y6V
    • 18 Apr 2021

    Will there be a release of that model in the Philippines? Or is it already released?

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      • Anonymous
      • rKP
      • 04 Apr 2021

      Launch date in INDIA ?

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        • Surinder Kumar
        • X%B
        • 20 Dec 2020

        Kevo kosgei from ken, 30 Sep 2020How does hotspot work on nokia 3310With Hotspot

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          • Kevo kosgei from ken
          • NY}
          • 30 Sep 2020

          How does hotspot work on nokia 3310

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            • donzizoo
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            • 09 Sep 2020

            Can i get this in Nigeria

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              • Anonymous
              • D0e
              • 10 Aug 2020

              How its hotspot work

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                • latebloomer
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                • 18 Apr 2018

                The 4G version not very different with feature 4G phone in India (Lava Connect M1 ) and Indonesia (Smartfren Andromax Prime), only because of Nokia brand it will have higher price.

                  Zenodroid, 03 Feb 2018If you say so :-P maybe you should change the law for iPhon... moreCall recording by participating party is totally legal here and it is accepted as normal business practice. Of course, recording by third party (wire-tapping) is illegal and punished by law. And it is our company policy to record all the conversation with clients. Most people here who uses Android phone like Samsung Galaxy uses call recording daily. Most people here is well aware that mobile conversation may be recorded and sometimes cause embarrassment. For USA, 12 states including California prohibit call recording without notice, 38 sates including New York and Washington DC permit it. It is permitted in Canada, and most of EU counties, most of Asian countries including China, Korea, Japan. Now call recording is just fact of modern life.

                    Akorn Farmer, 02 Feb 2018Law firm attorney. It is essential to record conversation w... moreIf you say so :-P maybe you should change the law for iPhone then ;-) nah, you just want to record people without their knowing. Hope someone catches you.

                      Zenodroid, 01 Feb 2018And your business is? The police already have deals with th... moreLaw firm attorney. It is essential to record conversation with our clients. iPhone can't do call recording. So I have to use Android phone I don't like much.

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                        • AdamBoy64
                        • Fv4
                        • 01 Feb 2018

                        Call Recording would be a nice feature.

                          Akorn Farmer, 01 Feb 2018So I have to keep two phone lines. I use Android smartphone... moreAnd your business is? The police already have deals with the brands about recording apps pre-installed.

                            Zenodroid, 31 Jan 2018I'm asking what YOU need recordings for, not what businesse... moreSo I have to keep two phone lines. I use Android smartphone for my business. and I use iPhone for personal use. I prefer iPhone but only due to call recording, I keep separate Android smartphone. Carrying two large phone is hassle. So if the Nokia 3310 4G get the call recording feature, I will dump my Samsung Galaxy Android phone and I will use iPhone in most cases and Nokia 3310 4G for business only for call recoding.

                              Akorn Farmer, 31 Jan 2018Many business transactions are done on phone conversation, ... moreI'm asking what YOU need recordings for, not what businesses do. Most companies do have smart phones or real phones with the record options.

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                                • AnonD-731363
                                • SH3
                                • 31 Jan 2018

                                Dude, 31 Jan 2018Just Wait...soon the back glass will be shattered... I am s... moreMan i always use quality leather book case so my phone last long time.
                                Even my vibeshot after 2,5 years looks as a brand new.

                                  Zenodroid, 30 Jan 2018Why do you need to record your calls? Do you have any legal... moreMany business transactions are done on phone conversation, at least in Korea, Japan and China. In such countries, call recording become matter of fact on daily business. The most frequent complaints on iPhone in Korea is bad after sales service. There was no Apple Store in Korea. And 2nd is lack of call recording. Once whole society is accustomed to call recording, it become very valuable business tool.

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                                    • Carol
                                    • L7b
                                    • 31 Jan 2018

                                    AnonD-734282, 31 Jan 2018Nokia was never sold to ny company. Only the Phone business... moreThe original Nokia is the one that invented GSM, then 2g, 3g,4g,5g. Microsoft bought the mobile devision, factories, for short. Windows is an operating system. Microsoft bought the mobile devision and a verry few of patents, if any. Their are some debates about, that. Ms paid nokia for patents. Actually almost all mobile brands pay to nokia for patents. Nokia assured their future even without devices. They are actually almost monopol in mobile connections. And, they well worth it. Actually people should be glad Nokia is the master in mobility, if amwricans were. Our gsm networks would have not been tge same anymore. Most probably, full of nsa hivhjaks. Fir now, at least tgey struggle to find holes.

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                                      • Carol
                                      • L7b
                                      • 31 Jan 2018

                                      Anonymous, 30 Jan 2018how about all nokia's intelectual properties? i dont thin... moreNokia never sold patents. All patents are owned by nokia, inform your self before talking. Their were some, as pureview and whutnut, but they are all back to nokia. After hmd deal.

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                                        • AnonD-734282
                                        • XpM
                                        • 31 Jan 2018

                                        Anonymous, 30 Jan 2018the real nokia is microsoft. real nokia would never use un... moreNokia was never sold to ny company. Only the Phone business wa sold to Windows, which eventually lead to destruction of the LUMIA brand. Todays phones are also not completely designed by Nokia. It's HMD who are designing the phone, and NOKIA has allowed HMD to use its brandname to do Phone business. TheOriginal Nokia company is the one who developed the 4G and has now developed 5G. Its not just a Mobile phone company.