HMD Global renews Nokia's Xpress-on trademark

30 January 2018
Replaceable phone covers are coming back?

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  • Anonymous

I am using Nokia XpressMusic now Since they launched.

So excited! ;w;
I thought for a moment it was the Xpress music services. I really miss it!

yee, 31 Jan 2018And they should. We MILLENIANS need to express urself and ... morethere's something called Android. not only iPhones. welcome to earth. ^^;

  • yee

And they should.
We MILLENIANS need to express urself and we hate generic (Iphone, iphone, iphone)...
All I'm curious abt is how they'll figure this out/whats the compromise(there will have to be some (or its just for 3310 model).

  • Anonymous

Aadrian, 31 Jan 2018Bring them for the new line Nokia 3310 devices. I have had ... moreExtra cowers for 3110 is a good ques!
It is the only phone where you can change the cower at this moment...

  • Anonymous

I miss my 5130 c2 express music

  • Anonymous

I would like a series of Mp3 players called Xpress Music.

I have to say just one thing:

GoGoGo Nokia we love you.

  • AnonD-244086

If they renew the xpress music and 24 bit 192 kHz or so would be good

For a moment I thought it is Xpress Music

  • Anonymous

mir, 30 Jan 2018And neither does dbrand need nokia.So many third party case makers out there to lose sleep over such minor annoyances.

  • Anonymous

Hell yeah

  • Anonymous

Now I'm hoping they renew cooler patents like ClearBlack, PureView, etc. It would be great.

  • ZloiYuri

They will release cheap silicone case, call it this name and will sell for 50$. And headless fans of dead brand will buy it because of new fake branding

  • DDD

Where the hell is Nseries man!!! We want the Nseries to come back!!!

I want an XpressMusic rugged smartphone with a Snapdragon 845

  • Anonymous

Nice!!!! Had tons of custom covers for my 3210 back then to make it look different each time.

It is all great. The 9 and 10, reigniting trademarks of a great tradition and so much other stuff to come... exciting times ahead...

  • anon

Hope they redo the XpressMusic line too, i don't know how possible is a new 5700 or 5310 design-wise, but a 5800 remake is clearly possible, something with a really good DAC with 3,5mm jack, dual stereo speakers, dedicated music keys, radio (if possible an FM/AM receiver with FM transmitter) and a nice battery (again if possible, a removable one) for a at least decent playtime.

  • Aadrian

Bring them for the new line Nokia 3310 devices. I have had many of such covers for several phones like the 3310, 6610 and 8310.