Android top operating system in the US, Apple top manufacturer

28 July, 2011
Android continues to dominate the US market. Meanwhile, Apple continues to be the top smartphone seller.

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  • ajnabee

nokia symbian belle could b the tough cookie for tha android....firefox wil also bring their own operating system.....

  • Mr. Android

it would be better if Android tries its utmost to completely get rid of iOS since iOS has done some thieving from other brand-name phone's app (esp. Samsung).

  • hirensharma

why nokia still not launch a android os phones..?

  • cknat

Nokia will disappear in the market in coming two years if they are still using the lower graded hardware and OS.

  • Anonymous

Nokia used to be the leader years ago and now is the leader from the bottom. No wonder the Nokia phones in my country are kept in the shelves collecting dusts!!!

  • nana

Hey what happen to symbian Nokia is trying to pass Hp palm os

  • Anonymous

Ironically, none of the hardware is actually made / manufactured in the US ;-)

  • AnonD-5197

AnonD-10525, 31 Jul 2011I would love to be able to purchase a classy 12mp Nokia run... moreNokia can't afford what Apple is doing to advertise their products. Have you seen how much Apple spends on marketing?

  • AnonD-10525

AnonD-14665, 31 Jul 2011Does Apple actually manufacture anything? I thought Foxc... moreNo Apple doesn't actually manufacture anything, but these facilities work for Apple and have contracts with them. Just like many other companies who don't make a whole lot of their own products. Dell and HP are similar in that regard. Many American companies will do this primarily because of the unreal cost of labor for production in the US (don't get me started on that one lol). So they outsource to other countries where the labor costs haven't gone into the stratosphere and people are not paid $50 an hour to do almost nothing.

  • AnonD-10525

AnonD-1131, 29 Jul 2011They should have not combined the marketshare of WM and WP.... moreI would love to be able to purchase a classy 12mp Nokia running WP7 at some point. What Nokia NEEDS to do is find a clever way through marketing to show the world that WP7 and Nokia are something special. I'm not talking about going out and bragging about specs and such... that approach doesn't always work. They need to use the Apple approach. Apple has in recent years been focusing more on what a device can do and how it relates to people and daily functions... family, work, fun, etc. And its WORKING!!! If Nokia can capture some of that "magic" and stomp on the "always talk about specs/tech" Android way of doing things - they may have a chance. I get really bored sometimes when I see all these Android devices that all they talk about is specs specs specs. Tell me about what the device can do, not whats under the hood. If the device does some amazing things - I really don't care what's under the hood or makes it tick.

This, in my honest opinion, is exactly what Nokia needs to do.

  • AnonD-4697

Slug, 29 Jul 2011blah blah blah blah. Whatever. Fact 1: Symbian may well... moreWell

Fact 1: Symbian has been one of the mayor OS in ythe entire history, now that OS is not so popular but a lot of people still using it. And a lot of "used" phones still on line

Fact 2: Apple still beating all manufactures only because is ONLY 1 BRAND agains all others, that have a huge merit for Apple, since not even ALL the manufacturers joined can beat Apple sales profits.

Fact 3: Apple is leading in Phone design, in fact...all the others are copycats of iPhone, and not bye the phone itself, by ALL THE DESIGN, from the positioning of the buttoms to the frames around the phone..

Fact 4: People that like buy iGadgets don't need conversion, they got what they want at any cost, you can see any time Apple launch a new pHone LINES of people trying to get a new iPhone...You can't see that react with ANY Android/Symbian/RIM Phone.

Fact 5: That's your point of view, you don't even know if there will be a new OS on Market or the react of WP7 Mango, or iOS new releases, remeber today one can be on tp tomorrow you are out of the game, same history of Symbian can be on Android, no one is excent of that.

Fact 6: Of course iPhone are Premium Devices, iPhones aren't made it for any one, in fact Apple make their phones a "way of living" and "social status" in soo many countries, even a child can difference an iPhone from any other manufacturer, thats an amazing result for Apple, people recognizes more the Apple logo than the Android Robot.

Fact 7: Apple no need that, The have a LOT of people working for them and underground. Jailbreakers works almost at "hand" with Apple, Apple knows this and they let it do it. The Apple community is huge, Dev Team is the most recognized among others, even that theres a lot of people that don't like Jailbreak their phones, they got the money and they don't care nothing about restrictions.

For me, I uses tree of them (iOS, Symbian and Android) one has strong points over the other BUT I don't have any preference between, BUT I have a better experiences with iOS (response, stability and performance) over the other two. But this is a matter of taste..

  • AnonD-14665

Does Apple actually manufacture anything?

I thought Foxconn made everything for them??

  • tec

When baby born slowly slowly he getting older older and in the end of life he went to haven. This is what happing to old to new technology. Old left behind new begins.

  • AnonD-15769

I am using HTC Desire HD, its awesome phone with htc interface with android 2.3.3,
thnx to google and htc.

  • akuler

to theaffidavit @ut3j,

yeah, as u said :

this article only writes about "smart phones" but not "mobile phones"this article only writes about "smart phones" but not "mobile phones" refering to ths article n its show almost non-existance of symbian in US markets, n dats y i said its dead..

i dun care bout other news o story as my comment for this forum only : Android top operating system in the US, Apple top manufacturer

i commenting on dis particular subject only not worldwide o other news,


  • AnonD-15653

android or ios which is best
view lot more about android 2.3 vs ios5 ,which os is best? to
read the post and select the best os for you
anroid or apple ios which is best for performance and style

  • Pax

In the second paragraph author was wrote that HTC is at second place in smartphone US market, and that Samsung is at third place. That is not true.
Nielsen graph showes this rankings:
1 - Apple (28 % of US market)
2 - RIM (20 %)
2 - HTC (14 + 6 = 20 %)
4 - Motorola (11 %)
5 - Samsung (8 + 2 = 10 %)
6 - WinMo + WP7 (9 %)
7 - HP (2 %)
7 - Nokia (2 %)
9 - others (6 + 1 = 7 %)
Ergo: Samsung is at the fifth place, and HTC and RIM are sharing second place.

  • android user

Microsoft WP OS rule, 29 Jul 2011But Microsoft Windows Phone OS oldest soft maker and with a... moredon't matter all nokia need to do improve on their software os and have meego as their main os.

  • Microsoft WP OS rule

android user, 29 Jul 2011yeah and don't forget it will happen to ios too everything ... moreBut Microsoft Windows Phone OS oldest soft maker and with almost everyone us :D They was when Nokia Symbian once TOP phone maker they with us now and Nokia even gonna to use they soft as a main Nokia OS, LOL.

  • android user

AnonD-14307, 29 Jul 2011Android is Great & Top OS for smartphone... but remembe... moreyeah and don't forget it will happen to ios too everything gone down those day then when new thing come out it gone like this bang!