HTC U12 shows up in live photos

05 February 2018
It looks like a curvier U11+.

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  • ???????????

AnonD-145316, 05 Feb 2018I guess you live in planet Mars! Do you have any idea that U11 i... more???????????????????????????????????!??

  • ?????????

AnonD-145316, 05 Feb 2018I guess you live in planet Mars! Do you have any idea that U11 i... more??????????????????!

  • Anonymous

Nice model

  • Aelay

Wow it will No.1 phone of 2018

  • AnonD-195632

AnonD-81732, 05 Feb 2018Well, 5G will be more beneficial for battery consumption at the ... moreThat being said, bring the 5G asap!
4G is far from being great, so I hope that 5G can cover those big issues...

F1rstman, 05 Feb 2018I actually prefer the realistic colors of an LCD display. Especi... moreThe only thing that scares me about LCD is the fact that it drains more power than AMOLED. I'm in the market to upgrade from my Nexus 6P, and I want a phone that has great audio through earbuds, great battery life, and a screen that's bright enough to view in sunlight, without having to squint my eyes or find shade. Even if HTC decides to put a 4,000 mAh battery in the U12, I'm wondering if the fact that it uses an LCD screen will give the phone the same amount of battery life as an AMOLED screen with a 3,300 mAh battery, like the Note 8.

Also, HTC seriously needs an OS refresh. Sense is very outdated in the looks department. I skipped importing the U11+ to use in the US because of the dim screen, and the fact that I couldn't find a rugged case for it. My options to upgrade are limited, since Samsung software and crap battery life scare me.

Sounds good, more looking forward then...

  • zahor

rip htc

  • AnonD-397942

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2018XZ Premium has 138% sRGB. Almost same value of S8 ( 142%.). It... moreIkr, only sony and aplle used high quality lcd screen.... I hope sony sticks with lcd panel because i love lcd more than led

  • AnonD-244086

AnonD-145316, 05 Feb 2018I guess you live in planet Mars! Do you have any idea that U11 i... moreSince i dont own a flagship i dont know which is more beautiful

  • Anonymous

Why oh why would they use a white background for the navbar.

  • AnonD-349701

Rebranded SONYs with HTC Sense

  • AnonD-114492

Fc, 05 Feb 2018They never gonna learn...why they can just cut these MASSIVE bez... moresamsung bezels are cut even more on the S9+ but they gonna have a 3500mah battery. if the U12 goes the route of the U11+ its gonna have 4000mah, a trade off i would welcome for barely, slightly larger bezels

  • AnonD-114492

So, it's not like the bezels is sooooo much bigger and in comparison to the S9+ ill take slightly bigger bezels if they put 4000mah battery like the U11+ have over the S9+ 3500mah battery that has been predicted.

On those bezels can sit flront firing speakers.

If this pic legit, I can honestly say I would look elsewhere than HTC.
Sadly I never turn head from HTC since Hero (2010).

And if remnant fans like me, one after another decide to leave HTC, its future looks really bleak... There's prospect we would never see U13 by next year.

  • AnonD-81732

AnonD-715008, 05 Feb 2018If it doesn't have 3.5 mm headphone jack again like its predeces... moreMy wife also complained about 3.5mm jack, but then I bought her bluetooth earphones and she completely changed her story. Now she wants everything on bluetooth :)
Life gets so much easier with them especially during sport. Great connectivity and no more wrap cables...

  • Anonymous

The download speed isn't anything crazy. Phones last year can do that already with the 835

  • AnonD-622300

looking good!!

  • John

I don't agree that LCDs are bad.
Because amoled screens are harsh for eyes in my opinion.
I am use my device for several hours in days, most reading texts.
i used both screens but i can enjoy a IPS LCD with about 280 ppi more than an amoled screen with may be more ppi.

If a technology is old, we should replace it with a better technology, not worse!
even if it only be eye strain.

+ today LCDs are not those LCDs in 80s.

Today LCDs are IPS with wide angles, more color support (16 millions vs 256K in old LCDs)

+ also they use LED (not LCD that used before) to be power efficient.

Please first read about techs and then believe everything major companies say!


  • ej10

HTC always make an amazing devices, the only phone was a joke was the M9 ,
this u12 have many interesting characteristics, like edge sense, Dolby audio with very quality earphones, two back camera sensors, 5g, quickcharge 4.0 exellent desing, speaker clean UI not android stock but still the better Customized os out there , the updates are very fast too, and finally a massive battery.
Perfect phone...