LG promises OTA updates to smartphones, new customer care

01 August, 2011
LG will offer OTA firmware updates to its Android Optimus lineup and a new remote customer care service.

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  • alex

We have 2.3.3 update in Romania on Optimus One for over 1 month now. But I don't thrust LG at all. I had 2 phones made by LG and every time I had issues with them. LG never fixed the phones and I couldn't get any type of help. With all other phones I owned so far I never had the same issues as with LG products and they're VERY POOR customer care :( .

  • ABC

I dont trust LG nowadays bcos they failed to keep their promise for Op1 update to Android 2.3.3. Till today they have not rolled out anything and not to mention that they again undertook the next public statement of such Customer Care.....rubbish.

  • Anonymous

All Android phones, regardless of make, should become independent from Windows PC. FOTA is the solution.

Well done LG! Cheers!

  • Praveencs532

I am a optimus 2x guy.its gut amazing phone but led bleeding drop the build quality.Whether this new service will be available in India also

  • murali

Thank you LG..
I waiting for so long to update my O2X via OTA.
Finally it become true. Excellent Job LG..

  • Micronsil

Their Customer service here in the netherlands is quite awesome.

Here you get a free VIP service from LG.
If there is a problem with your phone you just have to contact them via canyouhandlethespeed.nl and within 24 hour's there is a courier that brings you a brand new phone and picks up the broken phone.

No repairs nothing.. you get a new phone right away.

Also there have been regular updates.

  • eretromicin

this is really awesome! so the next time my g2x is stuck in a rebooting loop or stops responding to all commands, i can just call the lg from that device and have them take care of it.....right?.... =] why not invest the money into building decent software in first place, LG?...the stability of that half-assed g2x gingerbread is disappointing to say the least...

  • Jeiem

I hope gingerbread was out here in the Philippines for O1.. Would this OTA updates cover our beloved Optimus One?

  • Anonymous

Well done lg

  • max

what about optimus one???

  • Daniel

What about an Optimus ONE bought with a plan? (In my case, Orange France though I'm with a different carrier, bought it second hand)


  • Bill Sabre

Better customer care? Don't hold your breath. Care and support are lacking with pretty much all their products. They are a "give us your money, now don't let the door hit you in the pants" kind of company.

  • horus92

There is 2.3 for Oprimus One here in Bulgaria.

  • fakuryu

So what happened to the O1 update?

  • AnonD-5197

T, 01 Aug 2011About time the customer care was improved at LG, anyone who... moreOh gawd... I had a Viewty. What an expensive mistake that was.

  • T

About time the customer care was improved at LG, anyone who had a viewty smart will know just how poor it was.

  • AnonD-1124

Lg, welcome to 2007.

  • dk

lets hope this would be a reliable source :( knowing lg, they make empty promises. this is good news though!

  • thunder

i'm using LG optimus one from philippines hope you release for upgrade android 2.3 ginger bread :(

  • Zapatazuparta

GOOD afternoon LG.....