Samsung starts rolling out Android 8.0 Oreo update for the Galaxy S8

08 February 2018
Currently live in Germany and rolling out soon in other regions.

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  • Raza

Tell me about j7 pro in Saudi Arabia

Whst sbout Note8? Why we dont see any criticism to Samsung delays a nd then carrier more delay? Fight for us for the Gods sake!

  • Anonymous

I got Oreo update for si plus in india just now. Without joining beta program

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2018Your posts are getting repetitive. Yes we get that China phones ... moreWell i dont have to but i do it anway.
Reason is very simple.
Samsung is maybe one of the biggest companies worlwide but as bigger they are they more and more forget who are their customers and what they expect.
Selling product and then hands of is not everything.
Every customer expect a lot more than that.
But thats something too much for big Samsung company.

Micman, 10 Feb 2018Moto X4...... Awwww how cute lolCompared to S8 my Moto X4 is beautifull phone.
Samsung bezzel less phone is like badly maked horror movie with unskilled actors :-)

  • Mihai


kobresia, 09 Feb 2018uf, my xz premium has oreo for a long time. well done sony! There is little debate whether or not Sony handsets feature the latest Android OS out of the box, nor whether or not they provide updates faster than many OEM's. Sony needs more competitive hardware however.

  • Micman

CptPower, 08 Feb 2018Good job Samsung :-) My Moto X4 came out months after yoour S8 ... moreMoto X4...... Awwww how cute lol

  • AnonD-697937

what about Note 8 In Saudi Arabia

  • Anonymous

Version SM-G955XXU1"CRAP"

  • Hamada.Krb

Still waiting for the update my phone S8 G950FXXU1AQK7

  • AnonD-376211

This is great news! That means my Note8 will receive they update soon as well !

  • AJO


  • AnonD-736456

What about note 8 Orio update
When will we get update for note
please reply

  • Salman Yousuf

Still waiting for the update ... -_- Pakistan ....

I really wonder when I will get this update, and did they now put black keyboard mode.
I know their Oreo version will be better than regular Oreo. :)

  • Silent Line

AnonD-616861, 09 Feb 2018congrats to y’all from a Sony user. I had my Oreo update last S... moreI have also updated my phone 6 months ago to Oreo. Hmmm

  • pongerz007

G955XXU1CRAP that word I hope its only on the name not on how it will behave after the update

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2018Have you had any updates since it's release? Feb 2018 security update.­remium-receives-meltdown-and-spectre-patches-47-­1-a-12-75/

  • AnonD-736410

Samsung Oreo update starts rolling out to Samsung s8 & s8+ in India.