CIA, NSA, FBI chiefs warn against buying Huawei and ZTE phones

14 February 2018
"Huawei is trusted by governments and customers in 170 countries worldwide," counters a Huawei spokesperson.

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  • Anonymous

If China can ban American companies in their country then America should do the same Period

AnonD-596533, 14 Feb 2018 moreDude, that article is 6 years old. It contains severely outdated info.

  • AnonD-696542

Mikey, 14 Feb 2018Sure feels like it. and again I'll go off about a lack of "pr... moreIf govt will warn you about something that don't consume it, it contains poison. You'll consume it intentionally to mock the govt lol

  • Anonymous

If you read that leaked nationalised 5g plan it becomes clear why they waging a media war. Huawei has 40% of the 4g telco market when you remove America. USA knows what can be done when China had to rely on USA companies for technical equipment in the past.

  • Anonymous

The only reason why they're doing this is because huawei and zte don't give info to the fbi. Apple, on the other hand does. That's why I will always use my ZTE A7M

  • Anonymous

Soon they can only buy Iphone.. Well played..

  • Matt99

I'd be more concerned about enabling "cookies"

  • Mikey

AnonD-607239, 14 Feb 2018Other phone companies applying pressure on the government?Sure feels like it.

and again I'll go off about a lack of "proof" of this happening. Android handsets end up in the hands of millions of people. A % of those folks are the type that will go thru that phone's code line by line looking for something... yet they find NOTHING out of the ordinary. There are a few companies who've been caught with spyware on their phones, accidental or otherwise. Ironic how the most notable offender is BLU, a MIAMI FLORIDA based company. And for those that don't know, that's in the United States (dear congress, FBI, CIA and President of the United States I'm looking right at you).

Heck look at the amount of data Google and Apple mine from their users. But no one bothers to say boo to that.

But little things like that won't change the minds of the mindless, tinfoil hat wearing, Trump supporting fools we have in this country. Just make America great again by punishing the American consumer, limiting their choices, forcing them to pay more...

As for me, I'm taking another Honor 7x out for a week long test drive. Loving this phone, and would seriously pay twice as much if need be. But I don't HAVE to thanks to a Chinese company who actually cares about the American consumer... go figure.

  • Mario

Mybe they try to protect Apple.. Huawei is getting bigger and better in market..

  • Havs

And I rather be spied by NSA, FBI and CIA? This must be a joke

  • AnonD-523334

It is fair for us to spy the world, make the nuclear bomb, use it in civilians, invade countries. .... etc etc , but not for others. because we are special.... You know, when aliens arrive the earth, they only arrive America....
- Americans

  • AnonD-238991

These guys bugged and spied on the African Union headquarters for over five years, regardless of the fact that these governments trusted them... I don't see what we are debating here, they should be banned everywhere. They are so good at faking friendship in the name of aid.

  • Anonymous

Nice Photo, they should use that as a test sample for camera.

  • I

With great power comes victim behaviour and fear of sustainability. Poor Americans - failures in sanity.

  • Anonymous

so only american made apple phones are allowed to spy on you, others are not???

  • AnonD-523334

AnonD-222187, 14 Feb 2018CIA , NSA , FBI advising common folks and buyers about privacy..... moreCouldn't agree more bro. the Irony of this world.
Reminds me of how America warns the world about nuclear weapons while they are the first to make them and the only one to use them on humanity... Precisely civilians.

  • AnonD-222187

CIA , NSA , FBI advising common folks and buyers about privacy..
Wow..that fact alone is exploding with irony.

So its like: be rather spied by your government, well you will be spied on anyway. But thinking how is easy to hack smartwatches, brand wouldn't mean a thing then anyway.

  • Anonymous

and samsung and lg and htc and sony sharesyour values...