Qualcomm announces X24 (2 Gbps) and X50 (5 Gbps) modems

14 February 2018
We'll get a taste of them at the MWC, but the new modems will power devices in 2019.

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vijay krishnan, 15 Feb 2018You mean, like Munna Bhai MBBS?Autocorrects a b***h

  • Anonymous

Thats nice and all but it takes 2 to tango. The phones are the easy part. Also the whole infrastructure of towers and masts will need an upgrade.

Techfan21, 15 Feb 2018I'll be satisfied if indian operators can at least reach 30... moreYou mean, like Munna Bhai MBBS?

I'll be satisfied if indian operators can at least reach 300 MBBS for a start.

Very impressive this is a new nich to make a lot of money for qimualcom, most smarthpone modems are made by Qualcomm and Intel(for apple) that it, no saturation like in chipset business there Qualcomm gets beating not only by Apple now but by Samsung either. I have a feeling Qualcomm will shift themself more and more to modem business and slowly will move it's focus from chipsets.

sadly, carrier are corporate prick who doesn't want user to eat up their bandwidth so they don't upgrade the tower.

jk, even at south korea who usually has highest average internet speed doesn't even utilize the 2016 X16 modem to its fullest potential

  • AnonD-734081

this thing is only usable if cellular companies provide real unlimited data at high speed. I think even if they provide around 100 gigz that can consumed in few minutes with x50 in real.

  • Virtual World

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2018Great next I can finish my 26$ monthly data in just 8 seconds Great! and more customer will call us (call center agent), says
they didn't used up all their data.

  • Anonymous

Great next I can finish my 26$ monthly data in just 8 seconds

  • Anonymous

Ehm.. This is awesome featured for world of smartphone actually.. :~[

  • Abc

q8peace, 14 Feb 2018where are you intelApple's exclusive supplier for the next few years? : "D

This is indeed great news for mobile future!

  • q8peace

where are you intel

  • Mario

Great for mobile future..