Oreo for Huawei Watch 2 disables Android Pay in regions other than US and UK

16 February 2018
Google is saying Android Pay for Wear was never available for regions outside of the US and UK, but the feature was working perfectly fine on Nougat, and people were using it.

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  • d
  • defalt
  • MFM
  • 16 Feb 2018

This is such bullshit, I guess I won't be updating my watch then...

    • DarK
    • DMa
    • 16 Feb 2018

    so i guess Gear S3 is a better choice where it doesn't depend on NFC payments only but also MST and samsung pay expanded to more countries than Android pay plus this move from Google limits Android pay even more which is really sad ... really stupid move...

      Marvin, 16 Feb 2018And they wonder why adoption rates for new Android versions... moreIt's android wear not android OS, treble is only available on factory Android Oreo OS and upwards. If you have Nougut and updated to Oreo it's up to manufacturer to include treble, which most didint. So be patient and stop whining get phone with Oreo from the box and you good to go with treble.

        • M
        • Marvin
        • mAM
        • 16 Feb 2018

        And they wonder why adoption rates for new Android versions are so low and they think Treble will help...well...not if they pull S*** like this

          • D
          • AnonD-533276
          • 6QC
          • 16 Feb 2018

          we want everthing global version in this world