LG's next flagship arrives in June with Snapdragon 845, 6.1" screen, stereo speakers

16 February 2018
It will not be called G7, and right now it's only known by its codename: Judy.

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FeederEater, 18 Feb 2018Hater. Its nice that you say stupid things about LG and for... more Apparently, some countries will get a 6gb ram version of the s9. Also, say for example in India, the s9 in black can be outfitted with 256gb rom.

Kd10, 18 Feb 2018Good luck Lg, keep some competition in the Android space. I'll drink to your sentiments (apple juice, as I don't drink alcohol anymore) :-) . Cheers.

  • handyfan

I hope it will have a flat screen and 3.5 mm audio jack

  • Very tempted

Astublif, 21 Feb 2018I also hope,and wish,but its not gonna have ANY of these fe... moreI agree!

I hate big phones that fall out of your pocket and are too big to use with one hand.

I also hate thin phones that are hard to pick up from a table. Consumers are idiots for compromising functionality because they want to show off.

I used to love the HTC Desire S which was small but had great specs.

  • Very tempted

If this phone has a removable battery... then I'll hold off from buying the Samsung phone I'm planning to buy and buy this one instead.

  • Astublif

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2018I hope it will have removable battery, IR blaster, 16:9 scr... moreI also hope,and wish,but its not gonna have ANY of these features,thats a 100%...I would like it,but its not gonna happen.Why?Because there is a retard trend,a very bad direction,where manufacturers heading to.1.Usability is secondary.The design is more important...Stupid curved edges,extremly thin handsets,beautiful look.2.They all goes for the biggest profit,and dont care about the loyal fans.If Samsung offer their flagships at curved display,than they feel,they have to offer the same,otherwise they will be out of the big money...ALL of them are trying to copy Apple and Samsung/because they are making the biggest money/,just to get the same profit.So,the removable battery wont come back,just like the 16;9 non-curved display,where you could type your messages comfortably...

  • Anonymous

I hope it will have removable battery, IR blaster, 16:9 screen and no curved edges. Then it will be the perfect phone.

  • Buxz777

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2018I never said or implied that S9 won't be a mid ranger that ... moreWhat phone do you use? Because while your worrying about LG and advising people not to use them , some of us are happily buying them , love using them and have one of the best devices on the market , the quad dac is amazing , no other phone offers the whole package like LG do and now they are including stereo speakers as well

  • TechTech ==D-

Look at this phone such a beauty Good day to remember Oh Yeah!!!

Good luck Lg, keep some competition in the Android space.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2018that is uefull but doesnt officially count more than any de... moreIrrelevant. What matters is that with removable battery you had the choice to go to *actual* 5600 mah (at a fraction of the phone's cost). With G6 or "G7" you don't...

  • Anonymous

FeederEater, 18 Feb 2018Hater. Its nice that you say stupid things about LG and for... moreI never said or implied that S9 won't be a mid ranger that will actually age very fast. It's pbviously so and I would as much keep people from buying S9 as I would from buying "G7". They'd both be way too overpriced for the little performance and longevity that they would offer...

  • Buxz77

FeederEater, 18 Feb 2018Oh i forgot to mention the most important thing. LG phones ... moreYou make some great points, the battery in my lgv30 is much better than my s8.

I am seeing screen on time of over 6 hours on sick firmware without battery saving mode

Deep sleep is working great and the phone sips its battery rather than guzzling it.

  • Buxz77

AnonD-659657, 18 Feb 2018LG should not add that shitty 1/3inch sensor this time arou... moreDespite the tiny sensor it's still taking great photos on par with the s8... I agree bigger sensors would be better but the camera in the lgv30 is very capable so

  • Buxz77

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2018IPS LCD made by LG Failed Image retention, OLED made by LG ... moreWhy do people talk so much rubbish... I've had my lgv30 for one month.. No screen problems... Solid build quality... Awesome audio quality... Bet video recording... Mics don't distort when recording loud audio... Over 6 hours screen on time with stock firmware.... The phone is a beast... 128gb model for 500 pounds.... Best phone on the market

  • Buxz777

A lot of people hate on LG but I’ve sold my s8 to buy an lgv30 and I could not be happier , unfortunately the LG v20 was not sold here in the uk but it was also a better phone than the s7 variants

The only thing LG get wrong are regional variants , they need to stop doing this and release the same hardware In every country , it will also make supporting the handsets easier for them with one variant for the world

They also need to up their game with their marketing , the lgv30 is the best phone I’ve ever used , the audio quality, the battery life , the screen , the audio recording , the build quality and look of the phone in Moroccan blue , the great cameras , it’s the best overall phone out there , the best all rounder , it can take great pics , you can listen to audio in hifi quality through the dac , you can watch movies in great quality, you can record live concerts without audio distortion , it literally offers the best all round package compared to any phone on the market

It costs 500 pounds for the 128gb model , that’s crazy , it’s the bargain of the year , the same price as the overhyped one plus phone that isn’t waterproof , doesn’t have a high end dac or even a micro sd slot

Seriously name me one phone that is better for 500 pounds? Name me one phone that offers what the lgv30 does for 500 pounds? It’s insane value and simply makes it the best available purchase in the mobile market at the minute

All LG need to do is take everything from the LGv30 , the quad dac , the high end microphones , the camera system , the screens , the battery life , the build and design , the high end materials , the fast charging, wireless charging , headphone jack , fingerprint scanner , the firmware and skin , the great video recording and refine it

They could even combine the LG v series and g series and combine them into one true flagship for global release , in one variant , suppprting all bands , under a different branding and the subsequently drop the g and v series which kind of butcher each other

So basically keep what you’ve got , keep what people love about your phones , the featur3s that make them stand out , and then simplify and refine with added marketing and LG could be back at the top in no time

  • Anonymous

marclee37, 18 Feb 2018looks like LG is only keeping the line of large screen mode... moreEven though it is large screen, it is only a tad longer than regular 5.2" phone. Compare S8+ vs xperia xz1.

Why lg keeps doing strategic errors for their flagship? No oled. Very late launching. No smaller screen option for flagship.

  • ZloiYuri

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2018Usually OIS make the camera bumps.Better bumps than bad pics.

LG J1?