Samsung unveils new “Over the Horizon” ringtone for Galaxy S9

19 February 2018
The sound is developed with Petur Jonsson and brings a more melancholic vibe with a piano arrangement.

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  • AnonD-691868

Android fan, 19 Feb 2018Started thinking of Nokia tune. :(Same. I love Nokia Tune.

  • AnonD-691868

AnonD-712380, 19 Feb 2018It would be very nice to see an updated 'Basic Bell' ringto... moreThe classic Basic Bell from 2009 needs to be updated with LGs new design of Jungle Gym ringtone style.

  • Raja

AnonD-691868, 19 Feb 2018If you download the tone.Wow

  • Anonymous

Fail marketing, not wearing gear s3

  • HRN

"sound will have the power to relax the mind and heal the soul, although this is completely the opposite people get when they hear their phone ringing" Well said. ;)
But an excellent tone.

  • Anonymous

Yes, it "mirrors the aesthetic transformation of the device" - the front's the same, the back's slightly rearranged. I can definitely hear that.

  • AnonD-632062

A very beautiful, back-to-basics tone.....Probably one of the best renditions, (if not THE best) of the iconic "Over the Horizon". It's a good relief after the messy non-sense version we got last year...

  • AnonD-392652

at first sight in Note 4 >>>> any version of "over the horizon"

i really really loved that "at first sight" tone

  • AnonD-712380

It would be very nice to see an updated 'Basic Bell' ringtone as well. Because it has been the loudest ringtone in Samsung devices for a long time.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2018So what would you use as your ringtone? Gucci Gang? The Tin... morehahahaha

  • AnonD-456472

now this is proper music, please remove the bs version on my s8+, and to think there were people defending that awful piece of crap! thanks god samsung realized their mistake

  • AnonD-625430

Feels so serene to my ears. Beautiful & soothing ringtone but no variations in the music. Still like previous iterations of Samsung's Over The Horizon ringtone. This would be a nice alarm tone by the way.

  • Bosko

The tune is fantastic, I always use their default ringtones, this one is great but I am afraid ppl won't be able to hear it in their pocket or some slightly loud situations. I will download this to listen as track, soooo nice. I also hope they will use the S9 experience on the Note 8, it would be a shame not to..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-685062, 19 Feb 2018Hey guy i want to download this ringtone how should i downl... moreConvert it to mp3 or m4a, download it, transfer to phone then set as ringtone

  • AnonD-691868

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2018You can always set this as an alarm lol. If you download the tone.

  • maxx

really nice tune

  • Anonymous

sage83, 19 Feb 2018Ringtones are meant to alert, not soothe. If it is too soot... moreYou can always set this as an alarm lol.

  • AnonD-685062

Hey guy i want to download this ringtone how should i download it from youtube or any one share like please

  • AnonD-510098

Whack. Current one is better, at least you can hear it lol

Sounds awesome. One of the things i've noticed about the samsung ui of late is that i don't need to change the default settings that i used to do so in the earlier iterations.