Samsung unveils new “Over the Horizon” ringtone for Galaxy S9

19 February 2018
The sound is developed with Petur Jonsson and brings a more melancholic vibe with a piano arrangement.

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  • AnonD-696542

I use it to test headphones, speakers and music player on my new galaxy phones. It's a nice beginning always to test new phone with new version of over the horizon.

Irritating is the feeling some people get when they receive a phone call, no matter what is the ringtone. Even this masterpiece can do little to help them.

  • Simon

This is absolutely beautiful!

Ringtones are meant to alert, not soothe. If it is too soothing, wouldn't people miss out on calls more frequently? I will imagine someone sleeping will not wake up for the call, but... sleep better? :)

  • Mannysj

And S8 users are facing their worst nightmares after updating to Oreo. Thanks Samsung!

- Using S8 Plus with Official Oreo build.

  • AnonD-646111

Samsung is No1 smartphone maker but sales or going down, they can easily beat xaiomi oppo vivo by just giving latest specs and Storage
Far an example Samsung J3 specs
-Snapdragon 435 32gb 3 Ram
-Full metal body
Price 9k.

J7 2018
-Snapdragon 630. 64gb 4GB Ram
-price 15k

  • Kangal

Here's all the variants of the same sung ringtone over the years:

My favourite would be the 2014 NOTE 4/Galaxy S4 version.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2018Why on earth would you want this as a ringtone?? So what would you use as your ringtone? Gucci Gang? The Ting goes Skraaa?

  • Android fan

Started thinking of Nokia tune. :(

As for the classical melody itself, everything is fine, and so compliments to the composer Petur Jonsson. But, hopefully it won't be all just about the Cam/Vid, Stereo Speakers, Fingerprint re location and its Ringtone, as it seems from all the rumors,leaks,news, etc. Because although all those are obviously all positively and completely welcomed! But it must include something more to be really worth the upgrade from the S8+ and even more for all those who like me too wants to upgrade from the Note 8. We'll see, although unfortunately seems not...

I love the climax of the tone(when it starts with heavy notes )

Cassy O, 19 Feb 2018The 2013-2014 versions are the best.Agreed.

  • AnonD-691868

Sorry Samsung, i like more the 2017 and 2016 version.

  • AnonD-695616

ipolit, 19 Feb 2018It's OK, but aren't the ringtones supposed to be heard and ... moreI prefer Xiaomi ringing tone

  • AnonD-517906

I must admit Samsung always made beautiful brand music, But i would never set Over The Horizon as ringtone on any Samsung phone. Simply because it's too beautiful to be a ringtone.

  • Anonymous

They should rename the tune to "missed calls".

The 2013-2014 versions are the best.

  • ipolit

It's OK, but aren't the ringtones supposed to be heard and by this to answer a call. I don't believe this melody is usable as a ringtone.

  • Anonymous

Why on earth would you want this as a ringtone??

  • AnonD-697937

Awesome!!!, i guess, this is the best one after 2015