Doogee V with in-screen fingerprint scanner to be introduced at MWC 2018

24 February 2018
The phone will be presented on February 27 with FaceID and massive 4,000 mAh battery.

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  • 16 Jun 2018

Won, 12 Mar 2018Phone looks promising(looks good but not worth the buy). Bu... moreThe Helio P60 is actually a very very capable mediatek chip, it can compete with the SD660 toe to toe in CPU performance at the fraction of the price, it is also AI capable, it's a no brainer to pick this chip over the SD660 for a budget phone with high performance. and I'm speaking SD821 CPU levels of performance here

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    • 12 Mar 2018

    Phone looks promising(looks good but not worth the buy). But chipset will be debatable. I wont buy it if it would use its regular Chipset. MediaTek which I don't know why they would pick such chipset maybe because its cheap. Maybe Snapdragon 616 or Snapdragon 410 would at the least would be good or HiSilicon Kirin that Huawei uses. Doogee hardware's are decent but designs on some models are either copied or outdated. They should at the very least consider better chipset and a more original design. Originality for me is always the way to go

      Probably worst Chinese brand available. Phone qualities Are horrible and designed for budget, second phone users. I would question who would want to buy their phone with amoled, probably screen will burn in one week, and scanner will be slowest thing you ever owned, good luck with this "amazing" brand :)

        I wanna know what lies Doogee ship with this phone. Mix & BL12000 were full of lies, fake dual camera, fake battery capacity, fake bokeh algorithm.

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          • 25 Feb 2018

          Is this another boe oled phone? GSM should review a phone with boe oled, interested to know is it good or like lg oled. Can't wait for oled to move to mid range and budget phone.

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            • 24 Feb 2018

            Anonymous, 24 Feb 2018Lets hope it has a headphone jack. There's always room for ... moreThe jack holds back the adoption of usb c.

            It's a sin. Let's hope it dies a horrible death.

            Enough is enough

              The implementation here's much better than on the Vivo phone.

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                • 24 Feb 2018

                Why cant none of them make maximum 120mm tall phones with a maximum of 5.5" screen. Who needs these 5.7-6.3 inch screens ? If I want a tablet I get one. Deem cant buy my self a new phone cause there is none in the market. Everything must be bigger then the previous model and soon we have 10" screen phones if it goes like this forward and no small phones come to market. Easier to go back on dumb phones cause all these re-tar-ds cant make smaller body size device that has phone feature on it.

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                  • 24 Feb 2018

                  Anonymous, 24 Feb 2018A bland Iphone copy, powered by Mediatek. Sounds like anoth... moreHas Doogee ever released an original design? At least this time they didn't steal the name too!

                  They ripped off the Mix, Mix 2 (took the name and default wallpaper while they were at it), the S8, S7, and some Sony phones.

                  But they at least have decent build quality for the price bracket. Too bad the SoC is terrible, the launcher is like ocular gonorrhea the way it just burns your eyes, and there's the hidden add-ware stuff in the built in (non removable) apps.

                  Oh and if you're in the US forget about actually getting this on a network.

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                    • 24 Feb 2018

                    Maybe the reason behind all the phones looks similar to iPhone X because Samsung sell all the iPhone X's screen for cheap because it over stock due to it can't sell in the first place.

                    Well, at least this one looks a bit better, have more new features and probably cheaper than the iPhone.

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                      • 24 Feb 2018

                      That soundtrack is from evil within

                        One thing is sure with this device.... they didn't know who to copy...
                        AT THE TOP we got the notch. a "marvelous" gift that Apple gave us, and at the bottom it looks like a mix of Samsung, LG and Pixel2XL. at the back it's nokia. Ahahahahaa, strange strategy. "Hm... we don't know who is the best design to copy. so. I got an idea! let's scramble together 5 major companies and see what happens...!"

                          AnonD-709656, 24 Feb 2018If it uses Snapdragon, it might be a good phone... Most of ... moreI've visited in their site (of doogee). all the phones come with mediatek. not even X series! wow.

                            Gsmarena by FaceID you mean 3D scanning or normal face unlock found on almost everyother phone

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                              • 24 Feb 2018

                              AnonD-709656, 24 Feb 2018If it uses Snapdragon, it might be a good phone... Most of ... moreI havea Doogee Mix since preorders All i ll tell you about that brand is that i won t recommend it.
                              Nice design, nice materials used.
                              Nice hardware on paper but very disappointing. MTK chipsets still dont worth it so far excepted for basics task, 4K videos playing isn t possible.
                              Camera quality in both photos and videos is real crap.
                              Software support is non existent. I received a few updates to fix most important bugs since release, it took them 5 months. Then they just moved on to their next phones. Oreo update is out of reach since it s MTK..

                                What a low budget animation lels.

                                That notch is so similar to iphone X especially the curves.
                                If an average people sees this, obviously thy will think it is a rip-off of the iPhone X

                                Doogee shouldn’t put that notch or instead design a notch which doesn’t resembles the iPhone X’s notch.

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                                  • 24 Feb 2018

                                  If it uses Snapdragon, it might be a good phone... Most of the Doogee phone reviewers speak so well about it but when I hear a MediaTek chipset inside, I get soo mad on why I was wasting soo much time watching the vid.

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                                    • 24 Feb 2018

                                    Woooooiiw Notch added! Must. Buy. Now...

                                    That's what they hope we do, to pay the 3$ R&D that made them almost bankrupt. Copying others' awful design flaws and figuring out what MediaCrap to put is an expensive process you know.

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                                      • 24 Feb 2018

                                      Move along. Nothing important to see here

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                                        • 24 Feb 2018

                                        How does it look anything like the iphone x? The front it more reminiscent of the google pixel and the back the Nokia 8. Little notch? Come on that was on the essential way before the iphone x anyway