LG V30S ThinQ and V30S+ ThinQ now official: V30 with more memory and new colors

24 February 2018
LG also announced a new ThinQ AI platform, headed to all V30 units.

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  • 27 Feb 2018

FeederEater, 25 Feb 2018Everybody else run out of idea 3 years ago.Hello LG

    And so new phone with a bit extra memory and ram and much bigger price from its precedessor like S9 and S9+.
    Thanks no.

      Akinaro, 25 Feb 2018I love that IoT I think best example was that ldiotic juic... moreWorld full of shitty things to take your money, most important plenty people are generalized by useless things you mentioned, there is no cure from stupidintness

        Nice way to fight against comoetition, re-release last year phone full of useless gimmicks, LG "at its best"

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          • 25 Feb 2018

          few years after introduction of 6gb smartphone LG is putting 6gb in a (+) model.
          all this awesome hardware with very little memory!!!
          Still going for 5T

            I love that IoT
            I think best example was that ldiotic juice maker that was nothing more than big block of plastic and metal that just squeeze pack of ready to drink juice... It cost 400$ and you could not use it without internet....

            Now for example what give me internet if I connect my washing machine to it? It will automatically separate white from color? it will automatically fold my shirts? No, all what it can do is send me message that washing is finished, like I would not know that...

            Or IoT in fridge... another ldiotic idea, even segregating and checking what is inside require me to manually scan every product i put there, and for 80% of time it fail to do even this so you need to manually type name of product.
            And what is the point of it? It just remind me that Im out of milk... well, you know, I know that, I can just open the damn fridge...

            All what this AI stuff do today is automatically select scene when taking picture... OH MY GOD what amazing idea... sadly my Sony camera from 2010 had automatic mode that for 90% was pretty good at selecting scene... But now we have "pet mode" or "food mode" and people dont know what to do with all those settings... when there is literally no difference between those two...

            So yeah, nice move LG, for bringing another useless fake-AI to market....

              AnonD-3124, 25 Feb 2018LG is running out of ideas...Everybody else run out of idea 3 years ago.

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                • 25 Feb 2018

                Alien , 25 Feb 2018A.I. = useless bloatware designed to spy on you.. That wou... moreYou need to remove the spy-hardware sensors inside the phone. Software is not what you should remove hahaha. xD

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                  • 25 Feb 2018

                  LG is running out of ideas...

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                    • 25 Feb 2018

                    Too big. Does it come with a shoulder strap?

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                      • 25 Feb 2018

                      A.I. = useless bloatware designed to spy on you..
                      That would be the first thing to delete after rooting the phone. Second is fb

                        Dat name thou..

                          This is very disappointing. They should spend more time working on the Android 8 update for the V30. To think that we got a flagship phone but still running old software.... I give up with Android. My next upgrade will be iPhone

                            LG superfan, 25 Feb 2018Boring I agree.

                              AnonD-625430, 25 Feb 2018If I'm flying all the way to Paris to take a pic of the ico... moreFor the most part I agree with you (other than their hi-fi audio efforts).

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                                • 25 Feb 2018

                                One huge issue was the Disappointing Camera on the V30. Front 5MP camera was even worse.
                                I hope they have an 8MP camera in the front now, and that the back camera has been improved in all areas (dynamic range, detail, and low light).
                                The layout and menus in video and photo were pretty stellar, so they obviously don't need to be worked on.

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                                  • 25 Feb 2018

                                  If I'm flying all the way to Paris to take a pic of the iconic Eiffel Tower, shouldn't I already know what I'm clicking. This is how AI in its current state works. LG and most other companies are working on useless gimmicks that no one asked for.

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                                    • 25 Feb 2018

                                    Anonymous, 25 Feb 2018One option I was looking for to pick is gone. Lets see othe... moreXiaomi mi mix

                                      I love LG, but this is just stupid to change the name/model of the phone just for a minor upgrade.

                                      In any case, I'm looking forward to LG G7 (or whatever it will be called).

                                        But does it has ufs 2.1?