Vivo APEX concept hands-on: a half-screen fingerprint scanner and a periscope camera

26 February 2018
Check out the awesome tech which vivo has implemented into its all-screen Apex concept smartphone, which was revealed in Barcelona.

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Vivo & Oppo are kings in R&D

  • yee

I love any phone without selfish camera, all screen is what I need ;)

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2018They've just reached the top in mobile design. The bar was... moreIs has IR, look at the top view

  • Mohit kumar

Very hot

WOW, this JackAss Vivo company finally manages to put "USB C" on a device..!

Fayth, 26 May 2018why?Moving parts can loose their alignment, when subjected to drops and the like.

Techfan21, 11 May 2018Isn't having a moving part like a motor in a phone a terrib... morewhy?

  • swaraj

wow nice phone

Isn't having a moving part like a motor in a phone a terrible idea?

  • MobileGod

Now only if it comes on stock android. Please vivo do not innovate in the OS department, just go with stock!!!!

  • Nadie

Pleeeeaaaaassseeee sell this phone.

  • shun

Please I want the phone release it faster

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2018They've just reached the top in mobile design. The bar was... moreReally without removable back we'll never reach peak design.

Autonomy is IMO the 2nd most important stuff on phones after ergonomy.
A full screen phone with palm rejection mostly solves ergonomy (screen as big as possible yet still pocketable)., yet only a removable back can solve autonomy.

IMO the port should be completely scraped so that to disincentivize people from charging their phone and pretty much have the back itself being a charger. So instead of taking a charger, you get the phone's back w you (the phone should give you 2 of those), which would be charging while you're using giving you twice the autonomy of any modern phone.

To emphasize the effect allow the phone to be on while you make the swap (a small internal batt keeps the lights on during the swap).

It's not impossible and once's done you really maxed phones (full screen, basically infinite autonomy, hopefully good cameras/cpu/ram, minimalistic...)

  • AnonD-724782

AnonD-79247, 26 Feb 2018Vivo you can have my body if you release this phone before ... moreWait until world cup 2018

  • AnonD-724782

AnonD-740460, 26 Feb 2018Periscope camera is so much innovative, I’ve seen similar i... moreHonor 7i

  • AnonD-493814

Wow. Now this is what I'd expected from Samsung this year. Perhaps time to try Vivo!

  • Anonymous

Great to see some proper innovation and new thinking

  • AnonF-653909

this concept is unbelievable but real. The best thing about it is that it has perfected the bezel-less design without compromising with SECURITY.

  • Anonymous

From my experience, those chinese engineers are really smart. Check the reports about average IQ by country you will find that their average IQ is higher than others. they are accumulating their own knowledges faster than what we did in the past.
We are losing the future.

  • Sindhcommunication

Waiting. For buy