Vivo APEX concept hands-on: a half-screen fingerprint scanner and a periscope camera

26 February 2018
Check out the awesome tech which vivo has implemented into its all-screen Apex concept smartphone, which was revealed in Barcelona.

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  • AnonD-740460

Periscope camera is so much innovative, I’ve seen similar idea in one of the huawei mobile where primary shooter is also the secondary shooter, if you just flip it up. Anyways in these days where mobile phones are much more similar to each other, a stand out idea should be encouraged. Well done vivo

  • Anonymous

They've just reached the top in mobile design.
The bar was raised unbelivably high.

Now it only needs an IR Blaster, dual speakers (top and bottom) and a more original UI.

  • Amit

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2018To make full screen display, need to place selfie cam like ... moreAmazing 👏

Phone without any bezzels is uglyyyy so UUUUGLYYYY bleeeeee.

  • AnonD-523445

Best design

  • Anonymous

Nice! Now all it needs is a non-Android OS to make it perfect.

  • AnonD-739952

ethereal, 26 Feb 2018Shameless copy cats. Look at those iOS icons. Oppo & Vivo has been using this UI all along, I used the V7+ & was pleasantly surprised by the way the used it with Android. Now I only hope this concept makes its way to OnePlus 😬

  • Aadrian

Really nice concept and even if it's a concept, I'd buy it nevertheless! Really awesome!

  • Lightning McQueen

wow, 26 Feb 2018the selfie cam pop up is a great solution! Vivo is ahead of... moreI like it too. But it's not wide spread available to purchase that phone ready yet. Need to wait for another phone with 99% screen to body ratio, but with better features and the looks so that it could sell well globally.

  • Anil shukla


  • AnonD-715926

Amazing concept. Now that's innovation instead of some stupid notch and 1000$ price tags for peanuts.

  • Anonymous


  • wow

the selfie cam pop up is a great solution! Vivo is ahead of their peers even compared to samsung and apple. who wants some nasty looking notch when a pop-up selfie cam was the solution all along.

Awesome hats off vivo you really earned my respect. LG, Sony, Samsung you better wake up now or chinese will blow you away

  • AnonD-10909

nope, its not for you, what you need is a LIFE.

Vivo, move that camera orientation to the centre, please.

  • Jiten

Nice,i will buy

I ope snapchat once in 5minutes so this is not for me

  • Anonymous

Cool selfie. Who made the oled panel?

I hate Vivo because of their overpriced phones in Vietnam but this one has make me amaze, is a shame because it's a concept and don't go stock Android but i'm excited to see some other phones like this one in the future.