In Past Tense: The story of Victor's phones

03 March 2018
Past Tense is our latest feature where we share how the industry evolved and how it shaped us, one phone at a time.

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It was entertaining información like it, and if you can, do the smartwatch one

  • ColOko

''To this day I am simply blown away by the depth and scope of gameplay developers managed to cram into sub-100Kb JAR files''... THIS!!!. the best of mobile gaming I tell you... with tactical feedback and all!

  • KC

KC, 07 Mar 2018Great article! Went on a nostalgic trip of my own. Would love to... moreOh, and I totally forget the phone that I used the longest (3 years), and probably loved the most.

The Sony Ericcson W810i. This along with the Blackberries made phones an obsession.

I remember reading the W810i review on gsmarena before purchasing it.

  • KC

Great article! Went on a nostalgic trip of my own. Would love to hear about your wearable experience as well.

My own journey: Nokia 3315, Nokia 1108, Samsung C130, Blackberry Curve 8520, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro (phew), Blackberry Bold 9790, Blackberry 9220, iPhone 4s, Blackberry Q5, Honor 6, Moto X Play, Oneplus 3, Oneplus 5, iPhone 8 (current).

The worst were the X10 Mini Pro and the Moto X Play. The best, probably the OP5.

  • Moj

it was almost like i was looking in the mirror!
with few exeption!
i did had simence S55 and it's camera moudule and insted of N97 i do get N900(which functioning till today and now is as my backup phone) and i did not get note 8 which i thought it wont worth it!(still staying with my Black Berry passport)
i do like to hear about you'r smart watch and it was really good and well detailed article thnx reminding my old days!

I want the smartwatch/wearable experience article!!!

  • Max

Well, I guess this makes it obvious why I'm not working at GSMArena - my first mobile was the Nokia 1011 (yes, really) and I'm still using the fifth phone (second smartphone) in my list...

Nice story, was long, but easy to read. As yourself got stuck with one series of smartphones, Samsung too, but S instead and changing it every 2 years. I reach a point as yourself when prices of these new phones starting to not make sense at all, I am on S8 for now but not sure if would be really practical to go with S10 which will cost around 1000 euros

taghack, 04 Mar 2018Well, as far as I can remember, my Note 2 had quite a few camera... moreOh ok. Well you either had a faulty handset and or network problems....
I find that third party support is fantastic and especially how old this device is.

  • Anonymous

Anaz Binkvill, 03 Mar 2018I,ve used 1. Nokia 3210 2000 ... moreredmi note 4 was release January 2017?

Ohhh the Nokia 6230, whata great feature phone it was. I had one for 2 years. It was a great all rounder back then. Full MP3 sound, stereo headphones, MMC card slot, bluetooth, IR Blaster, and rock solid battery life. One of the best phones I ever had.

Hotkolbas, 04 Mar 2018Victor, I am puzzled as to why you called the note 2 lacklust... moreWell, as far as I can remember, my Note 2 had quite a few camera issues, as well as cell signal problems. Still, I stand by my opinion that it was a truly great device at the time, at least compared to anything I had used.


I am puzzled as to why you called the note 2 lackluster?
I own and still use my note 2 n7105 and I have to say its one robust handset and has never failed me to this day.
It was a big step up from the original note and brought big improements and changes.

As an owner of the s3 at the time as well I was impressed by its sunlight legability but the note 2s didnt see to have thw same tech but regardless its a great bit of kit that still to this day has so much support at XDA.

With a 10000mAh zerolemon battery it is hard to retire it now as I can hotspot, power use and with an otg cable charge up other devices in emergencies. Plus its a great mini tab for entertaining kids when out and about and ww3 is about to begin.

Lelino, 04 Mar 2018Love to read these personal experiencences with your phones. You... morei agree! Althought the article was short it was great to read and reminded me of so much things and made me learn things i never knew about some phones and their respective times

  • AnonD-742273

You have the best and well-written in the past article.

  • AnonD-742257

"...things get distorted around the curves"

High five Victor... I also hate the curve..
Picture, video and apps distorted..
I feel that i lost 3 mm each side... Bring back the flat screen samsung..... (and infrared).....

Nokia 6100 lover? Here, take my upvote/like/return potato.

That was my first phone, and I loved it so much that 3 years later when it died after a lot of abuse (drops/throws of the kind that'll make today's glass phones pass out in shock), I went back and bought a new one of the same model.

  • Hubert Satheesh

Sure would love to hear more from you, especially on wearables & your experience with nexus and pixels if any.

Trump Fan 1980, 04 Mar 2018 Dear Victor: what is a proverbial potato? You mentioned Eastern... moreIt's just a meme and a pretty dated one at that. When you write a long post, you just offer the readers a potato at the end, for all their troubles and effort to read it :) Explaining it doesn't really help with the comedic effect though.

Rokka, 04 Mar 2018Victor, if a smartphone with qwerty keyboard come out these days... moreWell, it all depends on whether or not it meets my other needs. I was actually seriously considering the Blackberry Priv at one point, but the sd810 is just terrible, plus support was questionable. I also looked into the Moto Z2 Force with a sliding keyboard mod, but that one has a insufficiently small panel for my needs. So, probably yes, if the right one comes along.