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28 February 2018
The banana phone is back and yellower than ever.

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  • AnonD-743070

as a 40 year old I am so tired of smartphones this one is the thing I want, banana yellow would be cool...

This thing comes to New Zealand in black and Im sold..

Finophile, 01 Mar 2018Agreed Fellow whirlpoolianIs it that obvious?

  • Finophile

Hotkolbas, 01 Mar 2018Im going to skip on getting the 3310 but I will look into aquiri... moreAgreed
Fellow whirlpoolian

  • Finophile

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2018Yes. It is one of the reason they fitted this phone with full 4g... moreBaby
Will be looking seriously at this

Im going to skip on getting the 3310 but I will look into aquiring on of these.
I am hoping that in the next models they release a full qwerty style hardware keyboard with a navi pad like the e72 and a 2.4 inch wide screen.

Want want want want want want!!!!

  • Anonymous

Finophile, 01 Mar 2018Does it allow the 4G data to be shared via a Wi-Fi hotspot?Yes. It is one of the reason they fitted this phone with full 4g speed. This phone also could browse the internet and Nokia is pushing for social apps to be available in html5 version for this phone. That means this phone will be able to facebook twitter and probably whatsapp and wechat

  • Finophile

Does it allow the 4G data to be shared via a Wi-Fi hotspot?

  • KMB877

I own a smartphone. And, I owed a bunch of Nokia phones between 1995 to 2013. The first one was 1011, the last one was E7.
I can't see any reason to buy 8110 as designed (without major improvements like bigger screen), regardless the price.

  • AnonD-152638

As someone pointed out, 90s phones did not have great batterylife.
One could easily snake enough to empty the battery several times in a single day.
Call times weren't great either.

Screens did however not crack as easily as they were much smaller, incased in a much larger device. It had nothing to do with how much it stayed in the pocket. Many people dropped their phones several of times, without a single crack in the display, or LCD bleed. Many of those phones would easily survive longer in droptests than probably any modern smartphone, even those with military specs.

On the front camera.
I do think it could add a bit of value.
Not for me, but for some potential owners.
The back camera could also have been better, after all, mobiles are most peoples cameras.
And there are ways to get the picture out of the device, so the limited screen, should not in any way limit the efforts on the camera department.

On the display size matter.
Since it isn't really meant to be used as a smartphone, the display size seems ok. And if the bezels makes it more durable than a larger screen would have been, I don't see any issues with the size.
On the other hand, in todays world, it is nice to have a bit of extra functionality, like some limited browsing possibilities. Seeing as much of the text one is replying to, or the complete text one has written. So a larger screen would not be useful only if it was used as a typical smartphone.
But a larger screen could hurt batterylife, though.

On the hardware, I don't know the power effiency of that CPU... but going for any chipset more powerful should only be done if it would be more power efficient, or could be made more power efficient by downclocking it.

The battery, well, the phone has a curve, and they would not put an expensive shaped battery in this, so there is loss in potential capacity, because of that curve. And then there is the sliding cover, that has a thickness that is on avaiable for internal component use.
If they could have fitted a better battery in there, that would have been nice. I'm not sure they could. Also thickness is not the only measurement that is relevant in terms of battery capacity. Every component takes up space, so it is all about how much potential space is left over.

It would have been really nice if it was spring loaded, I agree with that, but I suspect the durability would have been an issue. I only knew one person with a spring loaded slide (7110), and that one broke.

I like the idea of this phone beause it has pretty much all the features I would want in a spare phone. I would not even need 4G, as long as it was capable of 3G calling, that would have been fine.
One thing I have reservations about, I use an app for banking and secure payments, that I might not be able to do without anymore.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-732843, 01 Mar 2018How am I being ridiculous and not making sense? Am I speaking so... moreLOL bezelless display larger battery better camera? And then increase the price right up to the smartphone territory? Nobody is going to buy it and now you are going to critisize it for being too expensive for a dumb phone.. Yes you are definitely unrealistic if you hoped for the spec increase for free.. This is a dumb phone. A throwaway phone. Not a technological breakthrough. It is just shaped like the banana to give it some sentimental value.. Otherwise it is just the same as other dumb phones.. You know if you are going to use a dumb phone at least use it with style. That is successfully delivered here. HMD execs and engineers level of thinking are far above yours.

  • AnonD-732843

Tom, 01 Mar 2018Well, you're asking too much, but you're right... phones like th... moreThank you for agreeing with me, I was just simply saying that there's plenty of room for improvement

Marco M, 01 Mar 201890's phones had terrible battery life IF you actually used them.... moreFrom my own experiences I have to agree about poor talk time, but otherwise 90's phone battery could last over a week with moderate use (No FB for ya, ha!). If they fall removable covers would absorb a large part of the energy and simply pop out of the phone, minimizing damage. Plastic screen can be scratched very easily but are hard to break (from falling). Btw I still take my Nokia 6110 out from time to time and get very funny reaction from other people :D

  • Anonymous

The original Nokia 8110 had the mic at the end of the slider, which meant you could slide it to wherever suited you and still answer a call. This one has it below the keyboard, so unless you slide it all the way down it will be behind the slider.

And the slider doesn't have a spring to trigger it (which the later Nokia 7110 did).

Sure, those were flagships of their days, and this is a budget phone, so they've cut costs. But some of us would have paid extra for those features.

Marco M, 01 Mar 201890's phones had terrible battery life IF you actually used them.... moreyes

  • Anonymous

AnonD-732843, 01 Mar 2018How am I being ridiculous and not making sense? Am I speaking so... moreWe are talking about $80 phone.

Yes, all of this can be done , but rather significant price jump and I doubt key demography of this phone will value that much.

  • Marco M

nokia dude, 01 Mar 2018dont even argue this point with that person. he probably was bo... more90's phones had terrible battery life IF you actually used them.

Call time was from 1 to 2.5 hrs typically, and some models, such as the OG 8110 could use a bigger battery (physically as well) and get 3-5 hrs call time. Not impressive compared to the 30 hrs I get from mine today, as well as all the other things it can do.

If you only had it in standby 99% of the time then sure you could get a few days out of it, but that would be the same for todays phones if you kept GPS, mobile data etc all off and only used it for calls and texts. 8110's standby time with standard battery was up to 70hrs, a Nokia 7 plus ten times as much.

Also, screens did break and scratch to bits. But again, if you only kept it in your pocket and barely used it, then sure it probably didn't suffer much.

  • nokia dude

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2018You don't get my point, do you? This phone isn't meant for brows... moredont even argue this point with that person. he probably was born in this century and has no idea how excellent mobile phones were in the 90's and early 2000's. batteries lasted for a whole week, no cracked screens, a million different shapes and sizes and colors and brands, the fights we had between cdma lovers and gsm fanatics, trying to get a phone from japan or korea to work in europe or nort america... THOSE were exciting times.

  • nokia dude

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