Consumer Reports says iPhone X has the best camera, Google Pixel nowhere on the list

01 March 2018
Interestingly, Consumer Reports’ top 10 list only compares Apples to Samsung, not a Pixel in sight.

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  • Slayer

Pretty pointless article...the list, as you say, only includes Apple and Samsung phones!!

No, i totally disagree with this list..
The list should include Apple iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, etc. at top.

  • X

But when consumer reports ranks something by Samsung as the best smartphone, you'll happily display the information on your website!

  • AnonD-523334

Absence of Pixel brings me to two conclusions.
1) consumer reports simply forgot about it.
2) plain bias
3) ALL, I mean ALL other review sites including gsmarena, CNET, Android Central and what not are morons.

Now any person with a little knowledge and common sense knows that 3rd is almost impossible and 1st is extremely unlikely.

  • AnonD-737666

Where is Mate 10 Pro. . ? :(

Your own blind tests have put all the Samsung phones over and above the iPhone ones which are definitely more accurate considering the polls.

  • shammas

As a pixel 2 owner I find this somewhere fake , my pixel pictures left all my friends astonished , 1st time was this year I didnt take my Nikon to San Diego auto show instead i just used my pixel .
something wrong in their comparison , come on iphone 6s ? really !

  • Anonymous

iPhone camera always been the best. All hail the king!

Best camera?
For a 1500 eur a Nikon or cannon can make zillions times better photos.
Apple X is just a concept phone which has been released midway and thus is unfinnished.

  • AnonD-741752

tecknoholik, 01 Mar 2018Samsung s9+ dethrones pixel as best camera phone n take the... moreAnd Apple will dethrone Samsung in September/October and Google will dethrone Apple in October/November. Glad to see Google is pushing others in the camera department, because it wasn't until Google showed up with the Pixel that others have taken noticed and decided to do something with their piss poor cameras. Prior to Google, it was all about the amount of pixels the camera had. lol.

  • AnonD-741752

Damnit Google!!! Next time pay your Consumer Report membership dues!!!!

  • Anonymous

Consumer electronics clearly takes bribes

  • AnonD-674238

pixel 2 literally has the best camera

  • James

I own iphone 8+ and s7 edge, but i prefer the s7 edge photos(lowlight and good light) for back cam, and iphone 8+ for front cam(lowlight). I don't agree with the 8 plus thing better than s8, but i dunno for the IP X, since i dont own the IP X..

  • AnonD-741670

AnonD-454153, 02 Mar 2018ahahhaha nice joke mate 10 pro have better camera than iph... moreMate 10 pro camera is good just for videos. So don’t say it’s better than all those phones

  • AnonD-454153

ahahhaha nice joke
mate 10 pro have better camera than iphone ,pixel 2 ,samsung s8 ,note 8 all have better camera .

  • Anonymous

AnonD-152638, 01 Mar 2018Since consumer reports changed their testing methods on lap... morethis

Paid off report

  • Anonymous

Where is king of kings: Pixels...!?? Just iSungs phones

  • morpheus

thats a joke right :p