The notch is spreading for no good reason: the MWC was rife with iPhone X lookalikes

01 March 2018
Wouldn't you know it, Apple started another design trend in the mobile world - screens with a bit cut off the top.

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GSM Arena, in your Phone Finder feature on this site, please make a new category for:

WITH notch and/or WITHOUT notch.

That way, it would be easier for us to filter phones that are BEAUTIFUL and those which are UGLY.


We have to remember that Sammy has a lot of displays left after Apple reduced the production of Iphone x.

Muhammad Fadhli, 05 Mar 2018okay whatever you say, the most important thing is I am not... moreYou must be new in consumer business.. :)
Apple is market leader by "Profit margin" and every android phone looking for profit,..

This is 2018 and you still rage about who copy who lol wake up kids...

"It doesnt matter who create first, only who can give the best user experience is matter !!"

I use Xiaomi but i also use OSX macbook Pro... Its a matter of "ecosystem" you built by yourself for yourself not depending with apple or google..


  • Anonymous

Notches are so cute. They make phones looking futuristic. There is nothing more boring and banal than trimmed bezels and Touch ID’s on the back.

  • Rdmkr

Notches are terrible, 18:9 aspect ratio is terrible, lack of headphone jack is terrible... All three of them are spreading like the plague. The smartphone world has gone crazy. I've just ordered a Huawei Mate 10, the last sane flagship Phone in the world. Just too bad it doesn't have a replaceable battery, another thing that should never have gone out of style.

Don't like the Notch design at all. I don't know why manufacturer making these noth design phones. I love the design approach by Samsung.

They say as if it were an Apple manufacturer who pioneered everything. Although many other manufacturers have introduced new things that have been born, open your eyes and see how many new things, the latest technology trends that have been born by the other manufacturers out there.

  • JJ

Ok ok we know APPLE is not a great innovation company , but since APPLE introduce PLUS models & X models the other companies are doing the same!
Please #BeCreativeAndInnovate

  • Anonymous

Time and time again, haters have denied how much Apple influences the industry. It's not that they do everything first, its that they have such a strong influence, rivals copycat in the hopes of imitating some of the success.

After Samsung copycat, we have had gold smartphones becoming suddenly popular after iPhone introduced it (not the first, but the explosion certainly can be measured afterwards), audio jack removal, notch introduction, it's harder to deny now.

At least Apple has their reasons for doing stuff, Android fanboys, why are your companies doing it?

Do not be too excessive judging other manufacturers imitate the trend. precisely you must know behind all the styles that apple iphone x use, there is Amoled Samsung screen they "CONSUME". remember, as good as the Iphone X style will never be able to compete with Samsung, as the King of Smartphone in the world today with new things that they are always born. And also do not forget the Nokia, "The legend". okay !!!!

Ascorth, 04 Mar 2018Are you living in cave or what ?? Just because you only use... moreokay whatever you say, the most important thing is I am not a fan of chinese products but only talk about the fact that it is very outrageous to say that major manufacturers in this asia manufacturer, Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, Samsung, LG, and others copy apple iphone. and yes you Iphone users need to know that your apple product has not what what compared with our manufacturer in asia and europe. you just advanced while we have long wrestle the world of this smartphone like call it the legend Nokia, And the ruler of the world market Samsung. you must know that

  • Anonymous

ProJames, 01 Mar 2018Notch+Thick bezels = Dumb broke sheep buying it^Worst team ... moreYou "really hate" is right. But not not much else in your post is.

And do you really have to call people who chose to spend their money on a product they like "sheep"?

  • Anonymous

Hate this new trend....I´ll wait for next year

  • Anonymous

Yep. Heard the same whinging when the audio jack bit the dust. Same for removable batteries, physical keyboards, floppy disks...

  • AnonD-391304

MaxSmarties, 04 Mar 2018Since you seem to be such a brilliant engineer, you should ... moreYou don't need to be an engineer to know when something is done poorly. The genius engineers who designed the Pontiac Aztec are a testament to that. Apple and Jonny Ive have become lazy with their rehashed bezel monster iPhone designs of the past 4 years and now the iPhone X. A thin top bezel would have accommodated all the same sensors and earpiece whilst still maximizing the usable screen area. As it is the usable screen area is 5.5 inches not 5.8.

Adding 2mm to the top would have made the X a stunning phone. As it is now it's supermodel with acne.

  • AnonD-129510

If people will continue to buy these phones with notch, it is really gonna get out of hand for sure, manufacturers will continue to make these notch phones :(

  • Leocro

Apple started notch trend with half product they called iPhone X. If any other company did that it would be fail of all time!

  • Anonymous

Word on the street is that Apple are now looking to design screen in the shape of the Apple logo.

  • Mike

This is a shame for the human intelligence.

  • ben

This must be stopped, it's going out of control