MWC 2018 is over, here are the highlights

01 March 2018
A quick rundown of all the exciting phone announcements and experiences at this year's Mobile World Congress.

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  • m2k

Only Vivo Apex is interesting. I hope they release it with flagship specs and a decent camera.
The rest are boring and pointless minimal upgrades. Better to save your money.

  • Anonymous

Well Ill be a mfer if my god dang nukkia 1100 aint the winner of this God dang fiasco them new slabs aint nothing but tiny tvs dog dang itt

  • Anonymous

Dogee presented nice sliding "fullscreen" device, no nothches or pop-up cameras...

  • AnonD-673279

Noel, 02 Mar 2018Well said Sinedd. The plague of 18:9AR screens phones, phon... moreHuawei Mate 10 (non pro) should be perfect for you. 6" 16:9, 4000mAh, headphone jack, small bezels.

  • Love the Community

Can't wait to get my hands on the Vivo Apex and listen calls with my Bone Conduction headphones. These two worked similarly as it used vibrations to make sound.

  • AnonD-481725

Surprisingly Vivo been creative even more than Samsung ironically, and Sony as usual which always bring something new and promising, but still pretty disappointed with the design.

  • Anonymous

Everyone was pretty disappointing. Kudos to Vivo for actually creating an innovative and beautiful design for their APEX. Shows clearly that the bigger brands don't care and want to profit.

Vivo and Nokia were brilliant on MWC for the rest of the companies a rubber whip is not enough to spread my anger on how bad they were are.
Sony same fugly design with nothing special and high price for nothing special.
Samsung +200 eur to price compared to S8 year ago with nothing new apart of slightly better CPU and GPU and slightly better camera.
LG didnt meet my expectations at all.

Nokia and Vivo were much more than promising.
Energizer with its 16k mAh battery as well but old outdated CPU killed the future and any possible sales of this phone.

Rest of the companies i dont speak about because all they did: was copy a notch feature and offered nothing too shiny to speak of.

  • Love the Community

Homer-Simpson, 02 Mar 2018Juho Sarvikas, HMD CEO. Quote: "Been super busy planning ... moreThere's nothing creative with just a rectangular slab. Nokia was able to be that creative because of the uber large estate space on their feature phones. They took advantage to shape something unusual with the square screen.

With the advent of reduced bezels and 2:1 ratio, there's nothing creative. You come up with something and I'll say it's remotely impossible and unprofitable.

ProJames, 02 Mar 2018Disappointed by Sony's redesign. Notch virus everywhere. ... moreWell i agree. Notch is a plague, Notch is a Sin, Notch is an ugly feature with no future like headphone jack or curved screens from samsung.
Notch is a virus we need to get rid of. Die notch. Rubber whip on you :-)

  • Nick

Is It Due 2 Mwc That U Haven't Posted Sunday Debate,Counterclockwise And In Past Tense?

Juho Sarvikas, HMD CEO.
"Been super busy planning #MWC2018 . Please expect it to be awesome. — Juho Sarvikas (@sarvikas) 18th January 2018" - Twitter.

Wel,l in my opinion quite disappointing, I expected much more, different and better. I do not see at all the new Nokia competing against Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, Asus, etc., etc. I thought Nokia was going to present some novel and amazing product, and the result is more of the same seen in other phones. Nokia (if it is still Nokia) is not even the shadow of what it was when it was the Finnish Nokia.
On the other hand I'm very happy with my Moto X4, it has EVERYTHING you can have on a good phone and even much cheaper than any Nokia on its category.

  • Cley Johnny

ASUS ZenFone 5 is a killer but it also has three BOSS rivals....The Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ and the Vivo APEX

  • MarcioR

Look at Vivo!! Awesome

  • Anonymous

Vivo, for bringing the most promissing design phone...,, All the others don´t bring anything usefull or new to the market, and they all copy the iphone x style.

When will vivo arrive in europe?

  • AnonD-735540

VIVO APEX is the only one im interested. The others are as usual ... boring.

  • Love the Community

Who won MWC 2018's Best Phone award?

Of course it can't be Sony because it has no Headphone Jack and Ambient Flow design is something we wanted but not what we want to look like. We took OmniBalance for granted. It would've been better if it's the same old Monolithic design with lesser forehead and chin. The side bezels are almost unnoticeable.

I kinda want Asus to take the cake because it's not about the copied design of the iconic iPhone X but it is to send a message that a flagship this jam packed with features can be cheap and it should be. I want phones to cost like the Nexus era where it's only $300 - $500.

About saturation, I wish there would be a Smartphone Crash just like the Video Game Crash of 1984.

A dull MWC. Phones are really hitting saturation point now.

fugly notches

  • Invisible Kid

Well you may say writing is a retro approach but it conveys infomation far better than a video. Information processed perfectly on my rather retro four year old sony xperia sp.