Counterclockwise: which flagships are MWC regulars and who is just visiting?

02 March 2018
Some brands regularly bring their flagships to the Mobile World Congress, others prefer different venues.

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  • Kangal
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  • 06 Mar 2018

karoko, 05 Mar 2018So Samsung and HTC only met in MWC once and it was the wors... moreSamsung and Sony also only met once, and it again was one of the least competitive Sony flagships released in this lifetime...

Meanwhile, LG and HTC have never met. I think they hate each other.

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    • karoko
    • ib7
    • 05 Mar 2018

    So Samsung and HTC only met in MWC once and it was the worst HTC flagship ever. Interesting..

      Hm.. that's a thing I didn't know.... kudos to team GSMA!

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        • 04 Mar 2018

        This is a beautifully made table.

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          • AnonD-731363
          • SH3
          • 04 Mar 2018

          Among all above only xiaomi Mi6 and mi7 are worth the money rest are either overpriced or arent phones which can be called flagships.

            X and XZs are not a flagship as far as i know?
            I only do remember that Sony said it’s their ‘Premium’? ones not their flagship

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              • Rayne
              • tVn
              • 04 Mar 2018

              Samsung galaxy s2 and HTC one m7. Greatest Android phones ever announced

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                • AnonD-510098
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                • 04 Mar 2018

                Big brands can afford to have their own launches and have all eyes on them anyway, so its better they have their own day.

                Only small brands need shows like MWC

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                  • Phinch88
                  • 3DR
                  • 04 Mar 2018

                  its kind of pointless doing the xperia range seen as they release every 6 months, so the models they release sep/aug time will never make the list