Huawei P20, P20 Lite, and P20 Pro press renders leak

07 March 2018
They show dual rear cameras for the P20 and P20 Lite, a triple setup for the P20 Pro, and screen notches for all three.

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  • AnonD-694451

once upon a time there was an Ugly Notch it was so ugly that everyone died... The end

  • huhu

battery is only 2900mAH??what??

  • Anonymous

Those notches Those Notches THOSE NOTCHES just face palm or Palm face..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-535480, 08 Mar 2018Lol, where have you been? The entire industry have been co... moreOh the template apple copied from Xerox, Nokia and LG? Yeah you're correct on that one..

  • Anonymous

Love the Community, 08 Mar 2018To be fair, that notch isn't really that bad but that freak... moreI can't more agree with you. Seriously Huawei, if real, wtf is that bottom on all these devices, especially the most expensive P20 PRO?

I don't mind with the notch. I know the iPhone is the trendsetter and most people want their phone looks futuristic like iPhone, so the other company should follow the trend and consumer demand.

But i wish Samsung to develop their in screen front camera tech and matures the vibrating receiver speaker like Xiaomi Mi Mix and Vivo APEX, so true bezelless phone is what i expect to be a new trend.

Huawei P series always imitate latest iphone's design...Mate series is their own design...i'm really excited what the third camera would do, aside from telephoto, its promised to improve low light photos. Really cant wait.

  • TheSilentAssassin

Have nobody noticed the Leica text on the back of the phone? It clearly summarized the triple camera setup:


Few things here:
-Main RBG camera can do a variable aperture, either f1.6 or f2.4 like the S9/S9+. Or perhaps an actual range between f1.6-f2.4?
-Third Camera has a telephoto lens of 80mm focal length. Or it can actually change between 27-80mm?

Either way, this would be a phone camera beast

  • AnonD-737266

I am buying s9 plus

  • NichtsGemacht

First of all I couldn´t care less for the notch I first saw it on the PH1 and thought it was ok.
what i´m really curious about is the functionality of the third camera what will it do?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-90793, 08 Mar 2018What is the deal with the notches? Man, that is sooo dumb! notches are not the real goal of the designers of smartphones. it is just a biproduct of trying to achieve a high body to display ratio

  • Kim

AnonD-468012, 08 Mar 2018You can say that, But the most smartphone user is not GSMAr... moreWell wherever I go to see opinions, websites or forums, the general opinion I get is that most people agree that the notch are really ugly and ugly and do not like, including me.

  • AnonD-90793

What is the deal with the notches? Man, that is sooo dumb!

  • AnonD-468012

Kim, 08 Mar 2018Well, don't buy it plus spread the bad impression that notc... moreYou can say that, But the most smartphone user is not GSMArena's user. They may looks bad on you, but not other.

  • Zjarr

I hate the awful bottom bezel, but I can get over it. The notch is not as bad as it seemed to be but has no sense simce the bottom bezel is so thick... BUT what I really hate is the f***** fingerprint button on the front! Why not to put it on the rear? I love the design of my P9, it is minimalistic, lovely.

I though Huawei was in the good side, then came the Huawei P10... hoping to see a "fix" with the P11 (now we know it is going to be P20), but itbis disapointing to see this.

Almost all manufacturers seen to be lacking ideas, all phones are the same, so, I'll wait to see what Apple has to offer this year.

  • Anonymous

half iphone X half S9.... Get a life Huawei, losers..

  • Kim

Well, don't buy it plus spread the bad impression that notch produce for yourself through all the media tools that you have, forums, whatapps, etc. If they end selling only few hundreds in one whole year perhaps they figure that put the notch was a bad idea after ask people why they don't want the product.

  • peachy001

Just notice the fingerprint reader, prefer it on the back.

  • peachy001

I thought the Mate 10 Pro looked much better. Wireless charging on these?

All the phones look like Wiko phones and why have a notch with all the big bottom chin