Huawei P20, P20 Lite, and P20 Pro press renders leak

07 March 2018
They show dual rear cameras for the P20 and P20 Lite, a triple setup for the P20 Pro, and screen notches for all three.

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My reaction to these renders, in their respective order:
Congratulations Huawei, you managed to make your phones uglier than the first renders. Your prize? Ah shoot, I dropped my money and the guy who got it stumbled and dropped an S9 in my hands.

We already know all OEMs embraced nonotchsense trend, besides SSX. If Xia gives in, then the market leaves me no choice of device.

  • Love the Community

To be fair, that notch isn't really that bad but that freaking bottom bezel. This is 2018! This should've been the All-screen era. Tri-bezelless was so 2014, 2016 and last year...

  • AnonD-535480

Hoffmann, 08 Mar 2018It seems like all manufacturers beside of Samsung and Sony ... moreLol, where have you been? The entire industry have been copying Apple and the iPhone since 2007. Everyone is still using the iPhone template from 2007 and I am tired of it already. I am ready for something new, but frankly at this point Google seems satisfy to milk their hold on the rest of the mobile oem's not name Apple. Apple and Google is safe to milk this as long as they want since no one else seems able to create a functioning mobile OS at scale, nevermind a successful one.

  • Anonymous

Everyphone nowadays are Iphone-X inspired... While most of those Android users saying iphones are less feature and copying Android phones... What a shame lolz...

  • gauron

The only chinese phone that hasn't gone notch is Xiaomi, if they do then I give up.

Just this bottom bezel...

  • Anonymous

Hoffmann, 08 Mar 2018It seems like all manufacturers beside of Samsung and Sony ... moreUhmm Nokia? Don't think they copied apple

  • mate10pro

The Mate 10 Pro design is so beautiful this new design that is Apple inspired? :(

  • Hoffmann

It seems like all manufacturers beside of Samsung and Sony will be copycats of Apple this year. Is that really hard to come with your own design for the front panel ? Come on Huawei, I know you can do better than this !