SKAGEN launches Falster - its first touchscreen smartwatch

08 March 2018
SKAGEN's Falster smartwatch was launched globally earlier this year, and now it has made its way to India.

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  • 22 Mar 2018

siminum, 08 Mar 2018"Battery-Efficient Design, featuring simple dials that maxi... moreI get what you're saying and I definitely agree with you that when it comes to basic smartwatch functionality, the Pace and even moreso, the Bip (Longer battery life, lower price) is a better purchase. But to most people, a timepiece is mainly a fashion accessory so suggesting that they put elegance after functionality isn't fully right in this case. Hell, even I, personally, am considering the pace over the bip even though the bip gives me basically everything I need just because it looks better.

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    • 09 Mar 2018


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      • 09 Mar 2018

      24h, Falstart...

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        • 09 Mar 2018

        hey, Fred!

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          • 08 Mar 2018

          It looks EXACTLY like Misfit Vapor (which costs 200$).
          Try to find the difference. ;)

            "Battery-Efficient Design, featuring simple dials that maximize your wear" - actually it's only 24 hours (as it's says on their website)....which is hardly power efficiency; they should be looking at Amazfit Pace (up to 5 days) in regards to power efficiency and stop putting elegance in front of everything else.

              Too expensive and the phone always preform better.