Motorola Defy+ gets officially announced

15 August, 2011
The rugged Moto gets refreshed internals and Android Gingerbread to stay competitive.

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  • AnonD-17280

Pranay, 09 Sep 2011If Motorola do not provide updates for old defy which actualy th... moreYes, Motorola Defy was an excellent Mobile Phone and it Deserves android Gingerbread update, Motorola is Dying Because of its poor customer support.

  • Pranay

If Motorola do not provide updates for old defy which actualy the phone deserves because of this new launch of defy+, that shows motorola do not provide good support to its customers ..... Not a worthy Brand.... atleast NOKIA , HTC, SAMSUNG, LG, they are better...

  • Pheak

I would like this kind of mobile phone exists in Cambodia as soon as possible. I tend to have Motorola Defy but there is a new update Mobile appears.

  • karthik

will defy+ release would mean no 2.3 official update for old defy? Motorola's not good wen it comes to updating phones. I think Motorola will forget old defy now. defy+ would price be priced around 18k in India which means it is no longer a mid range phone. I'd rather buy Motorola xt531

  • john

there needs to be more rugged smart phone competition.

there are thousands of people looking for a phone that will survive, is suitable for work and has a long battery life.

Imagen the nexus s (or the soon to be 'prime' that is waterproof. Certainly for me that would blow away the competition. what do others think?

  • firstAndroid

Wow... When it come to Asia, I wish the price would lower than $200, I guarantee It would be hard sell like hotcakes...

  • Ash

no front camera!! thats a con but if its cheap then it should not matter!
also people looking for front camera and less cost try Motorola XT531

  • Rohit p

if they are improving camera quality and adding HD video recording i going to buy this one

  • Hello Moto

if it was dual core it would be the perfect phone.

  • Anonymous

Klaas, 16 Aug 2011The DEFY is not life proof as they say! I bought 2 hand sets and... morecomeon... we all now u r lying.

  • tgw123

I have an original Motorola MB525 'DEFY' and generally I have been very impressed with it, so don't understand others' criticisms. I got it because, in November 2010, it was the world's first and only ruggedized smartphone, running Android 2.1 at the time, though that has since been upgraded to 2.2 'Froyo'.
Anyone working outside or who fears damage to their expensive mobile - actually everyone full stop surely? - would rather have a toughened phone they do not have to worry about. Now Sony Ericcsen and Samsung are bringing out similar versions but this upgrade, the Motorola Defy+ keep the Defy just ahead of the pack in terms of specifications. Motoblur works well generally and though I never believed I would ever get a Motorola I would certainly consider them against the best now, though I will not be ugrading to the Defy+, at least not until November, 2010 when my current contract expires. I will certainly consider the Defy+ then and hope that perhaps Motorola and other manufacturers have released even more powerful ruggedized smartphones by then!

  • Anonymous

why do you all people say wow.....??? my defy already running cm7 gingerbread 2.3.4 at
1 ghz....old defy users don't need to be dissapointed. they still have a chance to own defy+ by cm7....actually I own a defy+ right now and also they will stop old defy from marketing (in fact who are really lucky..think¡!!!!!!

  • Bill

where's the amoled screen???????????

wake up moto

  • lal Pradeep

Hope this beast has a secondary camera........if so I will be buying it for sure thanks to Motorola

  • pafel9

Blah!, 16 Aug 2011Moto think we are all stupid. My old version Defy is clocked at ... moreMaybe Defy+ will be able to work with e.g. 1,2GHz processor speed :P

  • AnonD-3678

Hopefully Google will kill Motoblur in Defy+

  • Anonymous

please release in india soon.. waiting for dis fone..

  • Anonymous

100 Moto, 16 Aug 2011Nope, suggest you Google Droid 2 R2D2 version.Hi! 100 Moto, nice to read ur comment. We were those that believed to Moto as a pioneer in the mobile cell, is build quality, performance, style and more ... But today we have Google+Moto have more to give us. What do u think? Just remenber the time we use to fight with SE fans. So Moto got a big one now still SE can't make a dual core phone and kept on losing market share so badly. Thanks to Moto patent's more than 17000 make the difference and 7500 pending to save Google and make Moto the best android maker ever.

  • Haremhab

As the friend below, is the slutty motorola, no update to the current and the Gingerbread cast model with more powerful processor to extend the sales ... just boot through the crap MOTOBLUR CyanogemMod that performance improves significantly!

  • AnonD-2725

AnonD-18013, 16 Aug 2011Motorola has been behind all the major phone makers for more tha... moretell someone who cares. just like i will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever have a nokia or iphone in my pocket, but who cares