Android 8.0 Oreo update with EMUI 8.0 is in the works for the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus

13 March 2018
The news comes straight from a Huawei product manager.

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until now nothing come :(

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    • 16 Mar 2018

    What about P9 lite?

      Imperator Neubaticus, 14 Mar 2018Miui is much more preferable than emui. Amongst the android... morewell, my device has EMUI 5.0 and it's good! It's not as gpod as stock android, but Hauwei has done a great job decluttering the interface form all the sass and heavy elements of previous versions , it feels light and epurated. and althought there are still some leftovers from before, Huawei is definitely on the right path to epurate EMUI and make it more light and fluid. That's why i suggest trying the newer EMUI if you want, it's still an opinion though

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        • uvh
        • 14 Mar 2018

        Huawei Mate 8 will get oreo....while p9 is getting it in every region..though it will take some time to reach everywhere....check this out..,...

          I got Oreo yesterday on my p10 and i wish i didnt upgraded. Nougat and Emui 5.0 so much better and stable

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            • 14 Mar 2018

            People still complain about Huawei not giving updates smh.

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              • 14 Mar 2018

              Now it's time all the Owners of the devices to send Feedback from HiCare app and demand the update or they may leave it only for China! :)

                Frost, 14 Mar 2018Dear P9 and P9 Plus users I hope that this information is t... morebla bla bla... Huawei is no different than any other company in terms of updates.
                I have P9 and for past few months I get constant security updates after latest big update to EMUI 5.0.1

                Why people cant get that oreo updates for devices similar to P9 start getting update between Q1 and Q2.

                Just look at official google stats:
                ONLY 0.8% OF DEVICES RUN ON OREO.
                Because those updates hit devices this year, right now. Most of companies have open beta test or they announce update last year, but proper updates hit users this year between January-April

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                  • Frost
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                  • 14 Mar 2018

                  Dear P9 and P9 Plus users I hope that this information is true, because Huawei is very bad with updates. I bought Huawei Mate S in time when P9 was anounced, I had only 1 OS update and 1-2 security update, after that Huawei completely abandon that phone. Same situacion with my girlfriend's P8. After this experience I will never buy Huawei devices anymore.

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                    • AnonD-735805
                    • a3a
                    • 14 Mar 2018

                    Huawei's work is also this !
                    Huawei P8 From April 2015 ! , got Android 6.0.1 With EMUI 4.0.3 (at last) in end of 2016.
                    And Huawei Released Huawei P9 , After did not Update Huawei P8 to any Upper Version of Android , And Now it's Huawei P9's turn ! , when Huawei P20 (after 2 Years from P9's Release) comes , I think Huawei P9 did not get Any Oreo , just Like Huawei P8 and Other Old Phones with Same Kirin Chipset.
                    I Recommend You to buy Xiaomi Phones (With Mi or RedMi branded) to In safe with Updates and MIUI Stable Builds , This User Inferface (EMUI) is only have One Update Program (For Ex. from EMUI 5.0 , 5.1 to EMUI 8.0 or 8.0.1) And it's end of the Way for Phone , Send me PM At Telegram : @RILNYSO
                    Thanks for Reading

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                      • 14 Mar 2018

                      Imperator Neubaticus, 14 Mar 2018Emui is ugly though. I prefer EMUI than MIUI or stock android as I feel interface is easy to use

                        If huawei doesn't give oreo update for p9 outside China, i'll lose all respect to this company..

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                          • 14 Mar 2018

                          I want my Huawei Mate 8 updated to Android 8.0 Oreo with EMUI 8.0 at least :(

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                            • 14 Mar 2018

                            Please give oreo update of huawei P9 in India.
                            Please ......

                              opt, 14 Mar 2018that is subjective mate, some preferred MIUI, some Grace UI etc.Miui is much more preferable than emui. Amongst the android ui's out there, emui ranks the worst for me. It's cartoonish and bland and unremarkable in every way. One of the reasons i'll never get a huawei phone. I tried playing with the p series for weeks but i never got to swallow their software. Had to use a launcher, something i've been against for the longest time (since the time i was forced to use one for my s4; touchwiz at that time was annoying as hell). Ultimately decided emui isn't getting any better any time soon.

                                AnonD-741553, 14 Mar 2018It's still user's preference. If you're not keen into adapt... moreNot a purist. Pure android is ok but i still prefer samsung experience ui over it. It's far from the touchwiz of old and in many ways a lot more utilitarian than stock.

                                  give Huawei p9 lite update

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                                    • 14 Mar 2018

                                    How about Treble? Mate 9 got it last year with Oreo, so why not give it to P9's too.

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                                      • 14 Mar 2018

                                      AnonD-741553, 14 Mar 2018It's still user's preference. If you're not keen into adapt... moreMr. Imperator is a Samsung fan, and I respect his brand since I also used grace ux.

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                                        • 14 Mar 2018

                                        Imperator Neubaticus, 14 Mar 2018Emui is ugly though. It's still user's preference. If you're not keen into adapting UI's, then stay on pure android. I tried both EMUI and MIUI and it's good to have lots of additional features compared to pure android, which I felt boring and lacks many features