New update rolling out to Sony Xperia XZ, XZs and X Performance

14 March 2018
Arriving as version 41.3.A.2.99, it's a security update that brings along Android fixes for the month of March.

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  • AnonD-739406

Sony doesn't honor your warranty outside the country where the ph. was bought, except for Europe. That's not a fair rule its discriminatory.

  • AnonD-739406

I just got my update to Oreo a few minutes ago. On Jan. 6 I got an update which somehow screw-up my phone touchscreen, am not able to pull down the notification bar and I was not able to press letters "P" "A" and back button. After this update I'm still having these issues. Bought the ph in Miami but I live in Colombia. Sony does not warrant ph. Outside the country

X compact also. Great update!

  • Sandeep

Even after this update Sony not resolve issue released to assist not show any tips

  • Anonymous

nice job sony

  • fir7220

Always On GPS Icon in 47.1.A.12.34??got solved or not

  • AnonD-739936

im still waiting for the oreo update :(

  • AnonD-614116

Audio bug need fixing in d xa1 plus along with sme other issues with d camera etc

  • AnonD-614116

As a user of Sony device the bug fixes is very good Along with security patches but need to include what the fixes are in the updates and stop have users wondering what the updates did to the phone cuz sme of the users can't tell the difference in the performance of the device after the update is installed it includes myself aswel. Sony need to splice in little major software in between especially dat audio bug in the xa1 plus

Applaud Sony to be on target again. Well done!

Anonymous, 14 Mar 2018Just bug fixes and security patch. I really disappointed th... more"Just bug fixes and security patch" sums up your priority. Please understand features are secondary but useful and security patch is primary but secure. If features you are after, there are loads of Android phones with custom UI (and lag/slowness) but for now, OnePlus seems to have a better and balanced UI. But I am not sure how quick they are with security patch again. Discover your priority and decide your phone. Nothing is ideal :)

Currently waiting on ANDROID OREO with January Security Patch, not getting the February Security Patch so I'm expecting my country to roll out the March Security Patch...

play sound when battery is full is back

For my X performance didnt came yet, but no problem, no battery drainage.. I see thaere user write about that. With Android 8 more light and battery few good, i notice 7-15%

  • Anonymous

Just bug fixes and security patch. I really disappointed that sony add no new feature. At least, they should bring back double tap to wake feature.

how about XA Ultra ?

Hopefully the battery drainage has been fixed.