Nokia enhancements soon to come

27 Aug, 2007
Nokia revealed a variety of add-on products for your mobile phone, generally intended for Nokia N-Series mobiles. The new devices are fresh enhancements in design and functionality...

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  • Marwan
  • n{Z
  • 21 Sep 2007

Hello all,

Nokia is best characterized as a customer-oriented, that doesn't solely rely on technological break throughs to boost its' sales. The key element in Nokia's success is how appealing it is to many current and potential mobile users, by simply providing the best fit for each of us out there in need of a mobile phone. From the modest 1110i to all-mighty E90.

Name a company that has the same product protofolio as that of Nokia's ... None, which is an undeniable fact by every means, even to any SE,Moto,Sam user out there.

1110i, 1112, .... 2760, 2630 .... 3110c ... 5700, 5619, 5310 ... 6301, 6120c, 6500, 6555 ... 7500, 7900 ... N's and E's, and Now ... Vertu.

Simply Amazing .. And highly innovative, the answer is in the diversity that Nokia possess.

Unlike, major competitors .. SE Cyber-Shot and Walkman, they had to bring those two highly renouned sub brands to support their handset - Smart - but not enough... Because then comes a question, What is SE? Why buy an SE? Buy a Walkman a Cyber-shot and a new Nokia Phone, and get on with your life, Nokia did even beat them in their own game, releasing the first 5MP camera phone.

Motorola on the other hand, has been cursed by the success of their RAZR series, and now struggling to find a successful heir ... No Innovations here

Samsung are quite promising ... But again, how many people do really need phones that slim? And how often would they buy them. I personally would prefer a phone I could handle easily.

And None for alteast 5 years from now, will come-in any closer from Nokia, because Nokia is much more appealing to a vastly wider segment of people. Hence, the current market share.

3 out 4 don't even have a phone? Are you suggesting that those are the people that all competitors are targeting with their exclusive lines of highly polished phones. I wouldn't be mistaken at all, if said that those would rather have a practical, easy to use and durable Nokia phone.

ah, well ... Let them all compete .. Since at the of the day, all i really care for is a new mobile that could make me drool.

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    • Zero
    • P%Z
    • 13 Sep 2007

    Ok, to all the Nokia-bashers...

    Nokia's global market share: 36.9%
    Motorola's global market share: 14.9%
    Sony Ericsson's global market share: 9%

    'nuf said.

    (oh and in case you need me to remove the benefit of doubt, here's the page:,nokia-samsung-gain-cell-phone-market-share-putting-pressure-on-motorola.aspx

    please respond when you've digested these numbers.)

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      • The Alcoholic
      • U2a
      • 12 Sep 2007

      This is a reply to SeF's comment dated 28-08-07, its seems that you have been in some kind of global study for a long time, that you so proudly boast of Nokia being the champ, and if you have been in for some study, I would like to see the stats which prove that "Sony Ericsson cant even closi-in to Nokia and people from all walks of life use only and only Nokia"- as you say it. But for your information, till date every 3 in 4 persons not even have used a telephone let alone a mobile, that impoverish people will use a cellphones. And as far as the quality is concerned Sony Ericsson's superiority is inquestionable. I saw my bro's N95, which looks so odinary and when I handled it, my notion was materialised. The flip joint shakes vigorously when you press the buttons on the front panel, which probably determines the high quality of Nokia cellphones, whatever may happen Sony Ericsson doesnot even give a single creek even when you press it the hardest. It also seems that you travel all over the world that you see Nokia in everybody's hands and you know how high the sales figures are in each place...huh! Sony Ericsson is anytime better than Nokia and this is the shortest way I can describe it to you. SO PLEASE ACCEPT THE TRUTH!

      waiting....for your kind words come in!

      with love from the sony ericsson supporter

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        • dONjUAN
        • w9L
        • 07 Sep 2007

        Dude, Nokia Sux, That is a fact. Take 5700 for example -- great looking phone -- but the moment you hear the music quality, you wanna plush it down the toilet. after all it is supposed to be a "music" phone...

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          • Updater
          • TIE
          • 02 Sep 2007

          Hey...I thought it this comment column is for these new Nokia gadgets so why are u all die-hard Sony fans commenting on these and tat about y Sony is better news flash if u wan to critise on Nokia or any other brand phone please do not do it on columns that is not related to it....

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            • alice
            • 2Z7
            • 30 Aug 2007

            nokia is good only wen it comes to market for low cost mobiles who have less functions but wen it comes to mobiles with high functions sony ericsson is definitely d best.........cheers sony erricsson we love u.....keep up your work of high quality mobiles manufacturing.

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              • Anonymous
              • iA@
              • 28 Aug 2007

              Plus the batteries just heated.. didn't explode so please!

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                • Anonymous
                • wYx
                • 28 Aug 2007

                Oh come on the guy here saying nokia making a explosive battery
                it's not their fault because they not providing the making of the battery's they past the making to the Matsushita Battery

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                  • tomskydive
                  • M3d
                  • 28 Aug 2007

                  At last, some things to get excited about! And a load of handsets announced tomorrow (hopefully some amazing Nseries). Looking good for crimbo.

                  just a quick point to all the sony fan boys who seem to think that nokia are copying sony's "original" ideas, who cares who made/invented a product first. surely more products in the market place means everyone wins! the fact that bluetooth works universally (mostly) across manufacturers gives customers the choice of accessory (i.e. SE phone with nokia bluetooth etc). And sometimes something is invented thats so good it becomes the industry standard (Sony blatently copied the Wii's motion control for the PS3, would you complain if your car didn't have ABS brakes because that manufacturer didn't invent it).

                  with more high quality accessories being made by Nokia and Sony surely the benchmark will rise and we will all benefit from future products.

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                    • fish
                    • ibj
                    • 28 Aug 2007

                    well, what can i say? This is the first time nokia has announced something like has announced something like this before, so ure saying that sony sux? Well i dont think they is gud but not sony has made more smartphones than sony ericsson..therefore nokia has more experience..even though the older n-series have minor probs(obviously the newer ones dont), you cant deny that sony ericsson phones dont..and in terms of usage nokia has more user obviously nokia kicks butt n like mr observer ericsson is miles behind..LOL

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                      • Anonymous
                      • w0Q
                      • 28 Aug 2007

                      For Your Information,

                      Nokia's battery is made by Japan's Matsushita Battery Industrial.

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                        • sat
                        • Pxr
                        • 28 Aug 2007

                        When one can buy a IPOD for 200 Euro and any decent mp3 player for even lesser, spending that much for a OLED headset is ridiculous. Am a nokia fan but cant digest such pricing!

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                          • bob
                          • Si7
                          • 28 Aug 2007

                          Nothing new...these products have been on the market from other brands.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • PbM
                            • 28 Aug 2007

                            hahahaha, poor argument from a die hard fan of the most problematic manufacturer in the world; nokia has not faults only in their explosive batterys, the S60 has faults (N73, N80 and a lot of n series), the phone assembling has faults (sliders), poor quality of materials (n76 and various phones), very poor battery life (N series, specially n95 and n80)
                            Obviously nokia has good phones too (2100 series), to say the truth it is the basis of the nokia sales (almost 50% of nokia global sales).
                            Samsung and SE have more quality and reliability in every aspect, they dont make explosive bateries, its dangerous for the common user and his health... one point more to nokia!!

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                              • SeF
                              • PAp
                              • 28 Aug 2007

                              The new Nokia GPS module isn't a good looking accessory imo, i wonder why did they not integrate it in a headset instead they put up an ugly reciever dish at the back of it. :(

                              but i'm impressed nokia does know how SE accessories are killing them :)

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                                • The Observer
                                • PZu
                                • 28 Aug 2007

                                And for all those Sony Ericsson die-hards, all I can say is that the brand you're endorsing is just a follower. Sony Ericsson can' even close-in on Nokia.
                                Nokia's are prevalently used around the world. You can see a Nokia in every people from all walks of life. Be it from the rich to the middle-scale and even down to the impoverished. The reason? Nokia's are easy to use, trusted and provides the right phones fit for the right person. Sony Ericsson is still trying to figure out how they can sell more of their phones. Ha! Even if we say the products are of high-quality but if they don't sell, they're useless.
                                Nokia's are way, way advanced than Sony Ericsson. Again, they're just followers. And about the two companies Sony and Ericsson, the reason they merged together is that they want to beat Nokia (They did beat Nokia, actually. But only in their dreams.) In truth they are still miles away from even beating Samsung - the next manufacturer behind Nokia in terms of sale in the world.

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                                  • The Observer
                                  • PZu
                                  • 28 Aug 2007

                                  To Omid...

                                  You can make your English better. It should be 'made', not 'maked'. You have to make yourself clear before you clear others.

                                  And to 'nameless'TSI1, definitely Nokia hasn't stopped concentrating on phones. In fact they have a lot to release in the coming months. Why would they still exist if not for its customer's phone-related needs like the enhancements shown here in GSMarena? Nokia does not only focus on making phones, buddy, it's common sense. They too, manufacture enhancements and accessories just like other brands.

                                  And about product defects or product recalls, Nokia isn't just the one who has experienced it. Most, if not all, manufacturers, be it mobile phone or car or any other equipment or gadget are not free from facing defects or shortcomings. You must be aware of that.
                                  Some examples of facts are as follows:
                                  in June 2005, Ford Motor Company recalled all 2004-2005 models of their Excursion, Super Duty and Econoline trucks;
                                  2006 Sony notebook computer batteries were recalled. These batteries were used by Dell Computers and about a million Sony computer batteries were reported to have potential explosion;
                                  same thing happened when Apple Computers recalled 1.8 million Sony batteries in August 2006;
                                  and of course Nokia, which recalled 46 million of their BL-5C batteries because of overheating tendencies and a reported explosion of an N91 (using BL-5C) in the Philippines.

                                  The bottom line? Major names in business will never be free from defects regardless which product is being manufactured.
                                  But one thing is sure, these manufacturers don't stop researching and trying their products to be at par with customer's demands.
                                  Peace to all of you from Manila.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • ibj
                                    • 28 Aug 2007

                                    shut up will ericsson can never beat nokia in the phone market..these enhancements are to make the usage of nokia phones more pleasureble..not copying sony ericsson..cant u see nokia is still no1 n top of the market?it has been there for such a long time kiz my ***

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • TSI
                                      • 28 Aug 2007

                                      Since Nokia have stopped concentrating on phones, their quality of merchandise has gone downhill FAST!!!

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • P9n
                                        • 28 Aug 2007

                                        This products of the explosive batteries manufacturer is only a copycat of SE strategy, obviosly it will be inferior in quality and maybe explode in your face