alcatel’s Android Go phone – the 1X - is hitting the US

16 March 2018
The confirmed today that it will bring two recently announced smartphones to the United States.

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  • Anonymous

Hopefully they decide not to fill it with the same rubbish that the other Alcatels have

Alcatel also makes the T-Mobile Revvl. The original Revvl is basically pure Android with minimal bloat, and looks pretty good, screen quality is meh but colors are amazingly accurate looking straight on, build quality looks like a black Pixel XL 2, and it's light as a feather. Camera is the only thing holding it back. Now the larger Revvl, on the other hand, totally sucks in screen quality.
Anyways the OS won't improve the crummy hardware. For >$100 Alcatel may be finding their niche market.

  • Anonymous

I hope you can install non-Go Apps too?, since go apps are limited.

  • Anonymous

Nokia 2 is better.

  • Pragmatic

ProJames, 17 Mar 2018People complain about PenTile. But the 1X's screen is an eye-kil... moreI doubt poverty-class phones are really gonna sell very well in the US.

People complain about PenTile. But the 1X's screen is an eye-killer. I have difficulty to believe that's coming to the US. Even for people that want small phones, this hurts

  • Anonymous

i hope to come in UK soon