Symbian Anna update rolls out for the whole Symbian^3 gang

18 August, 2011
Quite expectedly, Nokia has launched the Symbian Anna update procedure for N8, E7, C7 and C6-01.

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  • jasper

I've successfully installed the Symbian Anna!!!!

oh well, I love some of the features.. but the icons itself, don't give much pretty second look. It's not appealing to me...

  • AnonD-18435

AnonD-5542, 19 Aug 2011wow update made my phone super fast. Super smooth, proud to have... morePlease dont say those things.. I still waitting for it about to cut my veins XD
Panama Republic in Central America

  • Panama Republic

Not in Central America yet... =( Always the last. Just because of the color...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2011Philippines: now updating my c6-01 via Ovi Suite. the file is 28... morefinally, done updating. everything is smooth. i love th split screen text input. there are more updates but so far it's been great. it is simply ANNAZING!!

  • luxman

when this update is available in sri lanka.i am eargerly awaiting

  • annabelle

I update anna an now want to install "Symbian Anna update 1/2" and "Symbian Anna update 2/2". BUT failed when installing! anyone experience this one?? how to solve?? please help!!!

  • Anonymous

Philippines: now updating my c6-01 via Ovi Suite. the file is 284MB. my feedback within the day (that is i still have time after exploring)

  • adminedo

We are waiting also in Turkey ...

  • reggie

AnonD-14101, 18 Aug 2011give me your email. I'll post you the procedure.can u send it to me too have the sam problem , using soft update, and when start updating says that lost connection and failed, do u know what i shuld do ? 10x

  • Anonymous

No sittl update for mea ragion pakistan uae and athore arab contury

  • AnonD-5542

wow update made my phone super fast. Super smooth, proud to have n8. Yeah yeah yeah. Simply rocking

  • samozz

it is very cool,i just downloaded it about an hour a go,very fast browser and very nice features,10x nokia :)

  • AnonD-12487

twiggy, 18 Aug 2011either people are really ignorant or st... I'm talking about tho... morethats because people do not do research. but yeah like you say it brings a major change and it is not only cosmetic. Some of us who have Nokia E5-00 are supposed to receive the update as well. According to an interview that was done with Elop. If it was only cosmetic i already have it because there are themes that you can install on all phones that have the looks of Anna. Nokia Evolve theme. Nokia is going to make things harder for us Nokia Symbian enthusiasts but, it has always been like that.

  • saby0143

miyaw, 18 Aug 2011guys help me....after downloading the software update for my c7 ... moreif ur cellphone doesnt working any more than u can go to nokia care if they cant do anything so they will give u the new one replaced hopfully u have the bill and cell is in a warranty period.

  • AnonD-3196

Still waiting here in Mexico, Nothing Yet =(

  • Anonymous

Updated UI - smooth scroll home screen, new icons, fonts, portrait QWERTY. Updated dialler.

Calendar - Updated create new appointment screen. A bit messy.

Performance - Much improved response time, noticeably less lag. Also seems more stable.

Camera - Faster UI, access to new options, slightly updated UI, performance improvement in low light (especially video recording).

Other - Office Communicator! A couple of new widgets.

That's just what I noticed based on my usage. Didn't test the browser because I use Opera Mobile. Anna update is good but nothing mind blowing. Good for existing users (I use N8) but in my opinion, nothing compelling for people looking for a new phone.

  • adie

its available in Pakistan..

  • Jarle Petterson

miyaw, 18 Aug 2011guys help me....after downloading the software update for my c7 ... moreSame thing here. My Ovi Suite informs me that it "has lost its connection" with my device, approximately five minutes into the 15-minute installation procedure. Have tried over and over again, to little avail.

  • miyaw

AnonD-18420, 19 Aug 2011I would recommend you the Over-The-Air update procedure.When Ann... morei will try updating it via ota later....if it's going to fail again i monna bring to ncc....

  • zammitjon

no update for N8 so far in MALTA !!! when is it due???