Three Meizu 15 phones get their specs confirmed by TENAA

27 March 2018
Meizu 15, Meizu 15 Lite and Meizu 15 Plus are coming to mark the company's anniversary.

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What’s this?! An iPhone suffering from obesity?!

I'm imagining they are all using the mediatek P series SOC or the SD 600 series.

Release date?

  • Anonymous

the lite version must sport with big battery
at least 4100Mah
bcause its carrying lite name

10 led flash ?

  • AnonD-356176

Octo-core doesn't mean shit anymore, nor does frequency.
It's all about the architecture.

Meizu wtf is that!!?
All the leaks were incredible but that....
It looks like a fake copy of an Ipad (yes it looks like a tablet) and they also choose to copy the rounded button of the iPhones.
Also this brushed back is just UGLY.
Why Meizu??? :-(

  • Anonymous

They look like budget phones.