Wear OS gets Android P developer preview for Huawei Watch 2

28 March 2018
The new wearable OS is getting a dark UI mode and much improved battery management.

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  • 29 Mar 2018

AnonD-558092, 29 Mar 2018Samsung's smartwatches arent junk because they avoided AW w... moreWe had a 3rd OS, it didn't work out so well for them.

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    • 29 Mar 2018

    DonAlduck, 29 Mar 2018Wear OS has a lot of potential. I got the LG Watch Style wi... moreSamsung's smartwatches arent junk because they avoided AW with Tizen, much lighter and more versatile. Google is killing everything with their policies. I think Android Wear has proven why "stock" is not an absolute option. And unfortunately, they're about to kill Android too. Many TW features were removed, forced by Google. We really need a third OS.

      Wear OS has a lot of potential. I got the LG Watch Style with my LG G6 when i bought it and had a chance of "not spending" money on it.

      The fact that the battery part of things is so bad, and its so badly optimised with a lot of bugs is making it terrible. Sometimes, even on Oreo I get bugs that doesn't allow me to check the time and it'll stuck to my Spotify UI - it's meant to be a watch, right? Small things like these are making people be careful with these Android watches and just simply opt for Samsung's offerings - which are a lot more stable and very customiseable also (tested one).

      Wear OS is dead, and Google would have to put a lot of resources into its development if they really want it to become mainstream like the Apple Watch - or at least half as popular.