Nokia unveils Symbian Belle, looks Android-ish

24 August, 2011
Belle offers six homescreens with resizable widgets, pull-down notification area and flat menu.

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  • AnonD-11559

AnonD-11222, 25 Aug 2011android copied maemo Yeah maemo 1st ^_^..

  • RAB

is belle coming to nokia c7?

  • b100dian

So this is Android to you guys - the homescreen?!?
I don't like this kind of superficial press, as Symbian had 3rd party homescreens for ages!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-5930, 25 Aug 2011With due respect to all the comments here, i just want to know i... moreGo for Samsung, have one, love it.

  • AnonD-843

android is a mixture of maemo5 and ios

  • avinash

who says nokia copied pull down notification bar from apple an dandroid.....infact they copied it from nokia n900, maemo phn...get ur facts right!!!

  • ruplee76­R=1

follow this link

  • nomnom

NAIS, 25 Aug 2011i need to falsh my cell with belle on 5800 express musicNo, you can't. Nokia 5800 is not Symbian^3 device. Hence, cannot be upgrade to Symbian Belle. I suggest you to wait for these new Nokia Phones, invest some money and buy one. Nokia 701 recommended.

  • NAIS

i need to falsh my cell with belle on 5800 express music

  • AnonD-11222

android copied maemo

  • Kamelsuhaimi

WTF!!copying Android!!! Get your own life Nokia!!

  • madusha

Reminds me of a quote by Ex-Nokia No.2

"I don't know what is copying and what is original but if there is something good in the world, we copy it with pride"

  • satya

will c6-01 get the Belle update.......i am planning to buy it.....its very cheap

  • The S

so-called KING is now a copycat...

  • Tanvir Tuhin

According to

Prices of Nokia belles are..

Nokia 500- 150
Nokia 600- 180
Nokia 700- 270
Nokia 701- 290

All the prices are without taxs & subsidies.

  • somu

isnt Nokia going to abandon Symbian? But upgrades are good! Even they may be copies of some other OS, nokias signature will be there... But the OS upgrage solely wont matter long, once the ppl get used to it they'll ask for a change... Nokia needs to concentrate on the app market! It may not have lacks of apps, but a few mainstream apps which may be usued in day to day life is what nokia missing!
Hope nokia realises it soon...

  • AnonD-18556

AnonD-739, 25 Aug 2011Flashed my N8 with Belle, i just have to say that its a beast! V... morehow can i do that for my n8 with last anna

  • Anonymous

AnonD-4697, 24 Aug 2011Yes that's it, too many people believe they can run the new on t... moresymbian belle is running smooth on my n8, the functionality is not at it's 100% though, will it is still in beta stage, so it will be more beatiful in it's official release. can't wait, belle is more beautiful than anna..

  • DP

AnonD-5930, 25 Aug 2011With due respect to all the comments here, i just want to know i... moreJayant, Many apps that you need for day to day use are already available in Nokia phone out of the box. Still Ovi Store ( has a number of apps to meet my carving to buy new apps and games. Just go ahead and hit the above link and see for your self. The problem with ios and andriod initially was that they were in complete in many features and depended on third part developers to build apps for those features. I've been using N8 since Oct last year and do not feel the need for apps. Most of the apps I bought was games and a few like Joiku. There are still plenty of free apps as well.

  • AnonD-2117

finally nokia copied something from android and ios and came out with something really awesome.......and I am so happy that we symbian 3 users are also going to get the update to symbian belle which has lovely features like drop down notification bar and vertically scrollable menu like that of android........i am very happy........impatiently waiting for it on my nokia c6-01..........