First Black Shark gaming smartphone teaser reveals a curvy corner

06 April 2018
The Xiaomi-backed company is in the teasing phase of marketing leading up to the phone’s launch event.

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Anonymous, 06 Apr 2018Pewdiepie IS a gamer? Lmao what world are you in!?2013

Tiber, 06 Apr 2018If its something like the Xperia Play, I'll buyNot even a single chance, you can see from picture, that it will look similar to iPhone X or iPhone 8 design, obviously without physical controlls. Still owning Xperia play with Marshamalow on board, but I think battery died completely not charging at all. After 7 years, still not a single device like Xperia Play :(

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2018wht not make it a gaming tablet like nvidia shield which is no l... moreThat's the thing about Android tablets, that they die fast ( or hard to have a second generation, except for Samsung they still make them but too much customization).

Hated it Google end the Nexus tablet, it was a Google device, especially it is a pure Android.

acemang, 07 Apr 2018don't get me wrong, i like mobile games, in fact i'm an app deve... moreThat's why I said although I wanted a gaming phone but I don't see the point of it. Which why I think they should make a phone size tablet instead.

And as I've also mentioned it, if xiaomi can made mid-ranges phone and sell them for a budget price(mi A1).
They sure can make a phone size tablet with top notch specs, and the thing about *gaming phone* is that they're always try to make it a all around ( all in one) phone, which is why they don't sell good ( camera cost money too, I mean if you can cut the cameras, call ability, 3.5mm jack, no fingerprint too I'm sure that they can reduce the cost to make that device which it won't come out super expensive).

Just plain top notch specs phone size tablet ( around 5.5 to 6), and the stock Android. That would attract more people's attention ( especially since there isn't alot of Android tablet out there and the one that on the market right now aren't good, too much customization or too crappy).

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wht not make it a gaming tablet like nvidia shield which is no longer producing ??

Zenodroid, 06 Apr 2018You still need phone speaker. And it's sad that you don't even k... moreyes, i don't have money

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G.Agrianitis, 07 Apr 2018Well, listening to music while having a bath, for example, is a ... moreTOTALLY agree
there are MANY uses for water protection such as:-
using the phone in water (listen to music in the bathroom for example)
cleaning the phone
in case you draped your phone in water
in case it rains (you I'll look crazy if you complain about the sky raining when you bring your warranty to get a new phone }:p)
to protect against steam/dust/weather conditions etc....
if you like taking pictures under water (it isn't much effective without salt protection when taking the pictures in sea so you are better off with military grade rugged phone/camera :)
and most importantly you can complain about water damage (not unless they found salt in the phone so as I said you are better off with military grade device)
in general waterproof flagship is HIGHLY recommended for long lasting device but if you are into buying every update then no need for it
way no one replying my HUGE comment (the list blow) you have no idea about your wanted specifications ? ;:|

Bailey, 06 Apr 2018The fuss about water and dust proofing is something i just don't... moreWell, listening to music while having a bath, for example, is a common scenario for me, I'd love to know the moisture from the steam will not affect my device.
Or one other common scenario for me is that I can wash my device clean just as a wash my hands, easily and fast.
You clearly don't get me it seems.
Besides that, the more protection you have the better, it's not about engaging in life so much you can't protect your electronics, it's about having an excuse to not protect your device if anything bad happens, say you fall accidentally on the sea, would you like your device and the data stored in it to be damaged and lost?
I sure wouldn't want that.
There's almost no excuse for me in 2018 for a manufacturer to not make, their high-end devices at least, waterproof.
The tech and knowledge on consumer smartphones to do so has been there since 2010, why not just use it?

FromChinaWithLove, 07 Apr 2018Well, you know what. You are not wrong on that, a tablet is actu... moredon't get me wrong, i like mobile games, in fact i'm an app developer and started as a mobile develpor building games. i still play mobile games, but the ones i don't need an ultra phone to play them and only when i can't play in a bigger screen like when i'm waiting for something or someone, i will grab my phone a play a little. but i prefer 10x to play in a desktop computer. the experience is not comparable. i've a friend that bought a desktop computer to play android games and it was cheaper than a high end smartphone..and faster. people wants an all in one device (best for games, for taking photos, to work, etc) for convinient, confort ou just for beeing lasy. it will never happen, a all in one device will never be as good as dedicated hardware. a true gamer have dedicated hardware like a true photographer have lots of cameras with even more lens. it will be good enought for day to day use..and for don't need to pay 1000 euros to enjoy it. smartphones are getting to expensive...

ZolaIII, 07 Apr 2018Well I can hold it with one but still must use other one for alm... moreBuy an lte tablet, and use the Nokia 3310 for phone calls. Samsung even has a 18" tablet, just for you.

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That's a slider button at the right side not a power button...just like OnePlus.

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Anonymous, 06 Apr 20186000mAh is a joke 4-5k would be plenty.4-5k is a joke. Makes the phone thick, big, heavy and ... unmobile.

3000 removable is plenty. Modern removablr mind you, not the shoddy one done in early 2010s.

I.e. forget chargers, just give a spare back to people that can be plugged (and charged).
So if you want 6k, just carry an extra back with you (basically the charger) which you snap once you remove the depleted one (and also put it to charge). During the swap a tiny internal battery keeps the light on on the phone so no amateuriah shutdowns.

It's a simple mechanism really that completely solves autonomy. If modern oems were not so averse to risk at least would had tried. Probably some chinese would try it first. I mean most people already carry charger with them... make it be your your extra 3k instantly....

"Battery anxiety" is so silly to exist still, we have the tech to solve it.

acemang, 06 Apr 2018what you describe is more a tablet not a phone...if you want to ... moreWell, you know what. You are not wrong on that, a tablet is actually much better in this case or( a phablet, people don't call it like this anymore since there's so many big size phones).

TBH, although I wanted a gaming phone, but I don't see the point of it( and I completely understand that the mobile games market are super hugh, lots of people just don't realize it yet).

If xiaomi can put out a mid-ranges phone with the budget price ( the mi A1). Then I think a *phablet* size device that doesn't have the camera or calling ability is better than the gaming phone. Especially since most of the OEM doesn't make alot of Android tablet anymore, and when they do it is all crap or too expensive with heavy customization on top of it!

Next, why do people hate mobile games so much? I mean games are suppose to be enjoyment ( not all for graphics, while having a nice looking game is cool.) But it is all about the gameplay, and how much you can enjoy it. Just remember, the very first video game was just a dot. And not mentioned that there's alot of people enjoy playing classic game on their phones.

I'm currently playing the romance of the three kingdom: Legend of CaoCao ( from Nexon) and from Nexon, there's also dynasty warrior unleashed. Even FireEmblem is on mobile, ( FireEmblem heros).

Zenodroid, 06 Apr 2018Surely depends on what brand you use. The slim pants mostly have... moreNot so young any more & I wear mostly casual simple old fashion blue jeans one's & not to tight one's either so no problem with that. Still when you stick this large phone in to the front pocket you can't bent nor run & it's not even comfortable when you walk. So no go at all.

Kiyasuriin, 06 Apr 2018For me 6inches are HUGE. I'm a woman, and got medium sized for a... moreWell I can hold it with one but still must use other one for almost all operations. At least 6+" one is easier to carry with you to you than it is to me.

acemang, 06 Apr 2018if you dont care about weight or/and thickness, just buy a porta... moreActually I could be close to the trousers limits... but I dont need also something so big where I could not fit comfortable... seem that 6.4 could be enough... in my personal opinion a good camera is needed but all the people that is looking for the best mobile for gaming dont need to have the best camera. I think the only common need that everyone has is the processor
sd845 and a decent battery that could have more than the normal smartphone competition... then at least 4500 ma... that could be enough to be special but still comfortable. Probably will be 6.2" not too much and not so normal. and 120 hz to be called gaming smartphone ;) some special design to avoid heat problems could be also welcome

ZolaIII, 06 Apr 2018You gest wrong. I have a 6.44" 16:9 phone and it fit's in a fron... morethanks I understand... I only think that could be better a bigger screen to play some space shooter as gradius V but the best screen to play is the TV :D then is better that can fit in the trousers without sacrifice the comfort... 6.4" in 18:9 (because they dont develop nothing diferent this year) must be enough for me...

  • AnonD-744321

expected specifications
1) dual glass sandwich design with no 3.5 mm jack for unofficial water proofing
2) SD 845 with the cheepest hardware available
3) IPS or IGZO LCD screen with gorilla glass 4 2160×1080 ( some how notch VIRUS free :D )
4) dual camera telephoto_wide range style with OIS on ONE of the cameras and slow video recording ( 30 fps on both 2K and 4K serusly ?!! stop focusing on the 4K if you dont have a 4K monitor then what is the use of it ? even ASUS have faster recording )
to much pixels on the selfe with thin adapter and no autofocus (like all Chinese phones)
5) 6 to 8 GB ram 264 GB rom no sd card
6) big battery with poor life and useless wireless charging
wanted specifications
1) Aluminum build for easy grip and light weight (sense Al is lighter and tougher and easier to protect against water then the ,premium, glass sandwich ) with gorilla glass 5 and iP 6X
2) SD845 (of course ) with the best hardware on the DPU and the ISP for camera and the main CPU for the general profurmens and battery saving secondary weak CPU
3) IGZO or AMOLED NOT OLED screen with FHD or QHD I prefer AMOLED because it is more useful
4) 12 or 16 main camera MP with OIS and faster autofocus (maybe dual pixel autofocus) absolutely NO bokeh camera but wide range camera 20+mp most not be the same as the mian camera 120 digress WITH atuofocus and most importantly faster video recording and for selfe the good old 8 MP f 1.x EIS professional high quality selfe
5) dual sim maybe hybrid solt and 256GB rom 6 to 8 GB ram
6) big battery and AMOLED screen for battery life and NO magically USELESS wireless charging

Zenodroid, 06 Apr 2018Most android phones already support wireless controllers. Even P... moreYep exactly.

i have a very good telescopic controller that i can use with any phone and tablet ( even ipad pro ) its lock around the device and make it feel like a portable console.

Sadly only 25% of my games support it :( the new shadowgun legend do support it ( android game at least )

Zenodroid, 06 Apr 2018 almost the specs :-P the world's mo... moreThat is a gaming phone