Steve Jobs steps down as Apple CEO, remains Chairman

25 August, 2011
Steve Jobs steps down as Apple Chief Executive Officer. Tim Cook takes his place effective immediately.

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  • Rudy

idk,, apple without Steve Jobs somehow make me really sad and something is really "missing" about using apple products right now,, I'm afraid about the future of apple without him,, afraid of losing Steve's brilliant and futuristic ideas and concepts

Steve jobs is really like a hero for me and for me he's the only man which is really "change everything"

he should be lead the apple till the end, not the somebody else like Tim Cook..

  • et

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2011Is he joining samsung? if he does, that would be graet..........

  • Anonymous

I dont like Apple and dont think they are so innovative. I give him points for making the markets go nuts and spend a lot to make better and better products.

Still, I hope he defeats the cancer, i wish nobody to get cancer or any illness.

Hope that development wont slow down now.

  • Anonymous

he has cancer, he wont be joining samsung as rumours have it.

  • tim

AnonD-8044, 26 Aug 2011Cant wait till all this full touchscreen trend is over,,employ a... moreI could not agree more, especially when wearing gloves it's a pain as well as catching the screen 'buttons' as soon as you move it .5 from your ear or trying to use it when its raining heavily. Desperately now trying to find a non touch screen phone with a good camera is difficult, As good the iphone is never again.
*points finger at all phone makers "make good button phones again"

Mr Jobs needs to take things easy and just relax now.

  • Anonymous

njam, 26 Aug 2011thanks steve for all those years and the very hard work you put ... moreHim and a few million others. I really don't see why there should be more attention for mister Jobs' illness than anyone elses, nor do I care more for him than anyone else.

Dont be a hypocrite

  • Anonymous

Is he joining samsung?

  • steve jobs

i wondering what is next for apple (sigh)

  • AnonD-8044

Cant wait till all this full touchscreen trend is over,,employ a built in stylus YES but tapping at a piece of glass irritates me..this trend is superb for manufacturers cause no design and no moving parts,you just buy a screenn,,BORING

  • Anonymous


  • ahmed

I'm not apple fan, but this gentleman gave the industry a lot. thank you Steve from deep of my heart and we will be waiting to see you in the top of apple again

  • Anonymous

Steve GONE = APPLE GONE, hope that the new chief is capable to stand in the market in front of some strong and powerful companies

  • Anonymous

Goodbye Jobs, its time for me to take your job!

  • namez bond

AnonD-11809, 26 Aug 2011there are 2 reasons im sad to hear that. -I own a macbook wic... moreclearly, you don't know your phones...cause motorola, nokia they also used metal in some of their phones.

plus, don't tell me you think the 1st 3 iphones had metal outer body...

  • sam

thank you steve...hope you get well pretty soon you & Best wishes

  • Androidian

We are Android, not some biodegradable Snow White sleeping pill

  • smoochie

AnonD-7168, 25 Aug 2011I see that you have done some research but you should have gone ... moreYeah, maybe not, the GUI and the mouse where copied from xerox, the music service was around for a long time before, the thing is, yuppies are technologically limited people and they see apple has the trendsetter, and (unfortunately) they also create trends, so the service started it's expansion... And the Prada phone, was already on sale when the iphone was shown up for the first time, actually the first brand to use this concept was siemens with the blackbox years earlier! And anyway, lot's of the iphone innovations where already on the market before, like the slide to unlock from neonode! It's all about marketing, he his a very smart person, has a marketer, not has a innovative genius like everybody thinks, he just borrowed most of his "ideas", and even if I respect that, I just don't like him because he doesn't respect people that does the same he did

AnonD-11809, 26 Aug 2011there are 2 reasons im sad to hear that. -I own a macbook wic... moreActually you get metal parts and cases on several Motorolas and Nokias too.

  • njam

thanks steve for all those years and the very hard work you put in for all of us for us you have been an inspiration. i just hope God your battle with cancer also ends with, you on the winning side. people he is struggling with cancer pray for him, his health and wish him luck. i am no apple fan boy i dont like apple stuff either but this is a human being we are talking about so grow up and be nice for a change.

  • AnonD-11809

there are 2 reasons im sad to hear that.

-I own a macbook wich never let me down.!
-iPhone is the only other company except HTC to put some metal on their devices..