ZTE Iceberg is the first smartphone with two notches

09 April 2018
Itís also the first smartphone to have glass corners.

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wasox, 10 Apr 2018I knew it!! I always knew this was going to happen! The notch i... moreAll of those are within possibility nowadays xD
The hole in the middle of the screen could be a "smart fidget spinner" for example... oh god I can't stop laughing at how that sounded like xD

hmm 🤔, an fragment of ice that is also a phone you say ?

It can be more beautiful if its side also has transparent parts like the edges, and should be extremely thin if measured at the very edge (and this edge tapers all the way to the screen, giving the phone "transparent but thick bezels" if seen from front). try imagine holding a piece of thin ice.

use those transparent edges for notification LEDs (multicolored, spreaded across the full circle of the phone), just like Xperia S series of old.

as for the notches, other commenters have mentioned uses of them that makes sense (stereo speakers, sensors on top, and return of the home button+fps on the front, the way I like it).

this idea of having tapered, wide, transparent bezels makes the screen real estate very limited. No, it won't be foldable. It's a sheet of ice. So let's say, 4.6-5 inch ?

Also ideally the phone thickest point (middle) should be thin as well, say 6-7mm. So the phone would have very small battery, say 2000mah or even 1000mah... That real world uses would require a battery mod connected by pogo pins at the back (5.000mah,10.000mah or even 20.000mah).

IP 68 is unquestionable. Drop test... Well, some of the commenters mentioned hard materials to use other than glass for the transparent sections.

  • Anonymous

Looks LIKE really really really really
Ugliest phone ever.

  • Anonymous

Ohm, 10 Apr 2018Interesting, now for change a simple battery or other things we ... morealso if it falls and cracks its over, but boy would i love to hold it forever without a case! it looks cool ;)

  • Anonymous

LG Superfan, 11 Apr 2018Not actually dualI know, just kidding.

  • Raman

ok well done. Just add 2 more notches to sides and name it NotchBerg 1.0.
Give me one and I would like hit the forehead with tat corner to the one who desingned this piece.
he will be proud to Selfie with a whole on his face. lloll

  • Hdhaha

At least they used the notches for front firing stereo speakers.. axon 9?

  • Anonymous

"...with two notches ..."

Great, now insanity is taking over :-(

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2018DualShock 4Not actually dual

AnonD-751269, 11 Apr 2018Yota phone was first I think, they put e-ink screen at the backNot really a display but yes someone did it before

  • King Moto

Looks nice actually.

Without the glass corners it would be better.

  • gam30to

they copied the notch twice and get nominated a design award? grow the f up

  • Anonymous

LG Superfan, 10 Apr 2018Dual camera, dual notch whats next?DualShock 4

For them call it the "Iceberg" this phone better be completely Water-proof...

  • AnonD-751269

LG Superfan, 10 Apr 2018We already have that in meizuYota phone was first I think, they put e-ink screen at the back

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2018Time to leave the planet I pray that mankind will find another planet with plenty of oxygen and water to move to asap.

For me, actually, this phone seems more exciting than any other phone with a notch I've seen. I'll be looking forward to hear more about Iceberg, to see it in real life use.

  • Cloudy

I think Nokia done it first on their Nokia X2 Android..

  • Noel

As one who has been ranting against huge bezels for years, i can see why a lot of these OEMs are trying to increase their stb ratios with the notch. But preferably a small bezel up top and bottom or use both top/bottom minimal bezel area for front facing speakers.
Also will gladly like to see a 16:9AR or even 17:9AR screen rather than all the narrow elongated 18+:9AR devices.

Dual, 10 Apr 2018Dual back/No front/No screen?Such innovation