Xiaomi Mi 6X may use a Helio P60 chipset, an upgraded Redmi Note 5 Pro camera

10 April 2018
The P60 chipset may be mid-range, but it has four Cortex-A73 cores. As for the camera, it's all IMX sensors, front and bakc.

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  • 11 Jul 2018

Anyone know about GFLOPS of G72 mp3?

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    • 17 Apr 2018

    ZolaIII, 10 Apr 2018I found the site from where you got results & their is ... moreHello,

    Here what gsmarena writes about Oppo R15 review (that exists with P60 and S660)
    "But as far as real-life gaming is concerned - we ran a few fan-favorite games side by side on both phones - and we found no difference in performance. So, no matter what the GPU numbers suggest, in real-world scenarios - both are excellent performers."

    That tends to show that I'm not the only one who think 3D benchmarks doesn't represent well real games.

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      • 14 Apr 2018

      AnonD-709656, 12 Apr 2018MediaTek isn't good for safety reasons. You don't get updat... moreAnd Nokia 3?

      The fact that a single company is able to update prooves that it is possible!

      The problem is that you compare Google/Samsung/HTC to compagnies like Ulefone/Elephone/Umidigi...
      If bigger companies get Mediatek, you will get more updates on Mediatek

      You forget some other new things :
      - project Treble
      - GMS Express

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        • 13 Apr 2018

        If Mi A2 (international version with Android One) using Mediatek instead of Snapdragon, then dont bother about this Phone, nothing to do here, move along.

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          • 13 Apr 2018

          leledumbo, 11 Apr 2018Probably as a testbed. Mediatek is looking for a way to com... morepls contact with me , i have xiaomi mobile phones resource

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            • 12 Apr 2018

            Anonymous, 10 Apr 2018Except on bluetooth and LTE category, P60 is better than S6... moreMediaTek isn't good for safety reasons. You don't get updates or security patches easily. Only phone that has survived despite having MediaTek is Sony Xperia XA1

              Dave, 11 Apr 2018Why MediaTek? Snapdragon was damn fine.Probably as a testbed. Mediatek is looking for a way to come back and to do this they might be selling their SoC much lower than Qualcomm. Their P series were not bad, though, compared to the X ones. But this is the first one to have performance core instead of just efficiency core. I see no problem if they can deliver good UX along with stellar battery life (this is the good thing from P series).

                It seems most of us actually want a Redmi Note 5 Pro with Android One and the Mi6x design.

                This is so strange.

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                  • 11 Apr 2018

                  Why MediaTek? Snapdragon was damn fine.

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                    • 11 Apr 2018

                    I think battery is big draw back only 2950mah it is disgusting and fast charging

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                      • 11 Apr 2018

                      Mi A2 will selling RM1099 to 1,299 in future on Malaysia market.But the new Oppo F7 are start selling RM1,299 to 1,399 on this late weekend.I can say two model also using same Mediatek soc p60.But we can try the performance of the soc first.

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                        • 11 Apr 2018

                        ZolaIII, 10 Apr 2018"I must explain my opinion about GPU, as we are disagree : ... moreIt's funny that you talk about Memory..
                        Helio P20 was the first soc that use it :
                        LPDDR4X 2x16bits 1600Mhz (same frequency on P25/P30, 1500Mhz on P23)
                        Snapdragon 636 use LPDDR4X 1333Mhz only
                        Helio P60 use LPDDR4X 1800Mhz (even if it can accept LPDDR3 933Mhz too)
                        Snapdragon 660 use LPDDR4X 1866Mhz

                        Talking about Memory wasn't a great Idea!!!

                          Anonymous, 10 Apr 2018I give you factual framerates and you denie!!!! Pfffff!!! ... moreI found the site from where you got results & their is lots of fishy things about it (somehow EGLS 2.0 test shown there is wrong).
                          Hire are more likable ones for 3D Mark.
                          3D Mark – 1,086 (SSE – OpenGL ES 3.1), 940 (SSE – Vulkan)
                          From yugatech.
                          In comparison to:
                          & S636 RN5 Pro
                          & those are normalised results.
                          All do it beats S636 by a slim margin in SSE OGLES 3.1 that can be expected as even X20 beets it in this benchmark.
                          So they somehow managed to bring G72 MP3 to the lv of A509. It still loses by 35% In same benchmark from A512.
                          The part of comparation & the crucial one that is still missing it's regular Sling Shot EGLS 3.0 which is really what most games use.

                            I don't know about rest of the world but xiaomi cannot you mediatek in India due to the lack of license or something but its sure thing. In India xiaomi has to use snapdragon SoC, the no other option here in India.

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                              • 10 Apr 2018

                              ZolaIII, 10 Apr 2018"I must explain my opinion about GPU, as we are disagree : ... moreI give you factual framerates and you denie!!!!
                              Nothing to do with you!

                                Anonymous, 10 Apr 2018First benchmarks appear 3dmark IceStorm Unlimited : 2314... moreURL's not cheears leaders!

                                  Anonymous, 10 Apr 2018What is worst than S636 : - bluetooth (4.2 vs 5.0) - LTE ... more"I must explain my opinion about GPU, as we are disagree :
                                  Mali T880mp2 is very close to Adreno 506 on Opengl and in real game." Wrong! The X20 T880 MP4 @ 800MHz is on pair to A510 @650 MHz on S65x with same LPDDR 3. A506 is 2/3 size of & paird still with the LPDDR 3 on S625 & on same 650MHz. So yes when compared to the T880 MP2 @ 1000 MHz paird with LPDDR 4 on P25 it catches up. But A509 works on 850 MHz (27% faster) & it's paird with LPXDDR 4 (around 60% increase all together) while G73 on P60 works on 800MHz and it's paird with LPDDR. That brings us to calculated 20+% disadvantage compared to A509. The MTK statement how G72 is 70% faster from previous solution is a bloody lie. Mali G72 see only 20~25 power consumption/size improvement compared to Mali G71 that you can either use to push higher clocks or use more power efficiently & costing less. So I put a G71 MP8 at 1024MHz in comparation to A512 with a good reason as you need same G72 MP8 at same clocks to match it. A512 is actually the same A510 but on 800MHz & paird with LPDDR 4 so faster around 53% than A510 & 230% then A506 (as A510 is 50% faster than A506 which means 150/100*153=229.5).
                                  As you can see their is harder hit on Vulkan to MALI's then Adrenos on 3D Mark in which we can trust compared to GFXbench in which we can not which also makes Testilation unit claims inacutate. One thing that MALI G72 certainly does better is Tile based rendering as Qualcomm never even persuaded it.

                                  P60 is certainly worse design than S636 even if we leave both GPU and cellular transceiver radio & modem aside. Less power optimized (as small cores are there to save power not persuade performance) while TSMC 12nm is actually TSMC's third 14nm FinFET process made to be cheaper (12 layers compared to 14 - 16 on earlier one's) & paird with a lib that brings 10% power/DIE reduction.

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                                    • 10 Apr 2018

                                    It is quite sad to see that people care this much about which company chipset is being used. Helio P60 is a very capable chipset coming close to the likes of SD660. You can yell that you want Snapdragon, but don't complain if the competition dies out in the future.

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                                      • 10 Apr 2018

                                      ZolaIII, 10 Apr 2018You can expect 20~25 less performance from P60 but when com... moreFirst benchmarks appear

                                      3dmark IceStorm Unlimited : 23149pts P60 Oppo F7 - 19505pts S636 Redmi Note 5 Pro - 24517pts S660 Oppo R11
                                      AnTuTu 3D test : 29283pts p60 Oppo R15 - 30534pts s660 Oppo R15 MDE

                                      Gfxbench Oppo F7 P60 vs Mi Note 3 S660
                                      Car chase : 7.5fps vs 8.7fps -15%
                                      1440 Manhattan 3.1.1 : 6.5 vs 6.8fps -5%
                                      Manhattan 3.1 : 12 vs 14.7fps -22.5%
                                      Manhattan : 20 vs 22.4fps -13.5%
                                      T-Rex : 37 vs 49.1fps -32.7%
                                      Tesselation : 31 vs 27.1 +14.3%!!!
                                      As I estimate, tesselation, better on P60!
                                      Latest API are close, about 5% on opengl 3.1.1!
                                      The only huge difference is on opengl 2.0, most old games will reach 60fps on it!

                                      Is it enough?

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                                        • 10 Apr 2018

                                        There's a lot of comparisons between the p60 and the snapdragon 660/835 , but you have to remember that this device will probably be half as expensive as a 660 device and 3x less than a new 835 device.
                                        Its more in the ballpark of the 636 in terms of price for devices, in which case it benchmarks much higher than the competition (I know benchmarks don't really mean anything in terms of real world usage, but high numbers are always reassuring)