Explaining the tech behind Huawei P20 Pro's triple camera

10 April 2018
We go over what Quad Bayer is and how it helps the Pro shoot better HDR photos than any other phone.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-290431, 13 Apr 2018all these camera thing are just gimmicks and no actual func... moreI promise you: The difference is phenomenal once you have the phone in your hands. It is in a totally different league. Now it is up to Apple and Samsung to catch up.

  • AnonD-351485

Record breaker phone

  • finophile

looks very interesting. I'm keen to see what the output looks like.

  • AnonD-290431

all these camera thing are just gimmicks and no actual function.. i dont see any difference from my 2 year old s7 edge and s8+.. if you want true excellent quality photos just opt for a dslr. smartphone cameras will be basic and never as good as a full frame camera

njsilva84, 13 Apr 2018I understand your point. I didn't see any samples when I po... moreAgree! Gimmicks and gimmicks and yet selling for such a high price. At the end of the day, only the 10MP photos are worth keeping. 10MP, I wonder how much details are captured in the photos as compared to the rival models. I think I will rather get a Mate 10 than P20 Pro.

OogWay, 13 Apr 2018But the problem is I don't find P20 Pro 40MP that amazing. ... moreI understand your point. I didn't see any samples when I posted the previous reply but now I saw some samples and they're nothing special.
The AI is great but the final image processing isn't on par with all the tricks that they used with the three cameras. The BW sensor is a waste of time, money and space. They should focus on the camera app and especially in the noise reduction and sharpening because the jpegs are not impressive. They have too much noise reduction and sharpen, so, the final result is an artificial image without texture and too strong sharpening.
I have a Xiaomi Mi4c and I've compared the native app camera jpegs and the jpegs from an app that allows me to disable noise reduction and sharpening and then I'll do it myself in Photoshop. The final result is so much better than the camera app. For example, the Google Pixel 2 jpegs are great because of a great job in noise reduction and fine-tuned sharpening. So, basically, Huawei had everything to have the best camera on a smartphone and they screwed up in the last step of capturing an image.

njsilva84, 13 Apr 2018You didn't understand a thing about the explanation of the ... moreBut the problem is I don't find P20 Pro 40MP that amazing. On the other hand, Nokia true 40MP sensor is doing a much better job. Without the correct hardware, there is no way Huawei can achieve the good results.

"Long story short, you’re better off keeping the camera on the 10 MP setting. You get to enjoy the benefits of HDR and the 40 MP mode isn’t as sharp as the number suggests."

So, does it mean that 10MP is better than 40MP ones even though Huawei is trying hard sell with the 40MP feature? And since it is only a 10MP, does it pack as much details comparing to other competitors which offers much higher photo resolutions with their primary cameras?

Hotkolbas, 12 Apr 2018And Nokia did it in 1. Nokia 808 or preview.You didn't understand a thing about the explanation of the P20 Pro's camera.
Nokia did make a phone with a 40mp sensor, that's the only similarity.
The Huawei approach is much smarter and complex and has nothing to do with just putting a huge sensor with many megapixels and that's it.
This is actually very smart by Huawei, they can't put a bigger sensor because it would make the phone bigger, so, they got a way to make great pictures with the use of cleverness.
Props to them!

  • Stan

Such a large sensor, and low light performance is worse than top end 1/2.4"ers out there. Just compare it to the detail in HTC U11+ using gsmarena's photo/video tool.
Would have loved to have a 12mp 1/1.7, and a 45mm equiv instead of B&W, and a 3rd at 85-105mm. Would have been a great all arounder with very good low light capability.

bharcooldude, 11 Apr 2018Oh boy, here come the proclaimed IT wizard. I don't know wh... moreLearn to read he was talking about P20

Lol don't use 40, use 10. Sounds like gimmicks all over as usual. Maybe it is best camera for now, but obviously not much better than other top dogs, nothing special.

And Nokia did it in 1. Nokia 808 or preview.

In my point of view, it is good to try to increase the dynamic range of the sensor rather than merging two images in different exposes or changing the bayer array which effect to the final image quality.

  • GSMarena

.alpha, 11 Apr 2018Surprisingly Samsung users are the most vocal anti-Huawei v... moreBefore you say that you should tell Huawei to make their own design..

  • AnonD-751565

What ever said the phone looks ugly to me

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2018Oversharpening has nothing to do with the sharpness of a lens.Do you take RAW images?

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2018Pixel size is likely 1.0 micrometer. In most cases pixel si... moreCould be

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2018It does. I tested it with the Mate 10 Pro.Is there any difference when shooting with both lens and when using RGB only

Yet their images look like paintings, far from good.