Explaining the tech behind Huawei P20 Pro's triple camera

10 April 2018
We go over what Quad Bayer is and how it helps the Pro shoot better HDR photos than any other phone.

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  • Bullshit

Dave, 11 Apr 2018Still no 3.5 jack OR a card slot, so no thanks.Topic about cameras, and you talk about audio jack and sd slot , very smart

  • Dave

Still no 3.5 jack OR a card slot, so no thanks.

Well the current Huawei imaging director is a veteran from the Nokia Purview division. So it's actually too be expected of Huawei to up the game sometime or the other. Good read.

. . . Interesting.

Huawei deserves appreciation from the complete tech community for achieving what they have. Haters are gonna hate, but the P20 Pro has the best camera setup on the market right now. I don't see anyone doing it better this year. I doubt even Pixel 3 might be able to do something so over-the-top as Huawei has done. Huge respect! :D

Personally I'm gonna wait for Huawei Mate 20 Pro as it will probably have the same camera along with the latest Kirin chipset... and it might possibly come without a notch. :D