iOS 12 - our hopes and expectations

15 April 2018
With only a couple of months to go until iOS 12 is revealed, what would we like to see.

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that is just it my friend. same OS and devices.

older devices get care also.

android can't even maintain update for a full

    Anonymous, 18 Apr 2018Please refrain from stating baseless facts. IPhone in te... moreStop writing nonsense and get some proper reading, you embarrassing yourself

      My iP6s Plus, pity~

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        • 3DR
        • 18 Apr 2018

        Vegetaholic, 18 Apr 2018Lol iPhone victim. There is no better iPhone than Note8 in ... morePlease refrain from stating baseless facts.

        IPhone in terms of quality system formatting beats any current Android-based phone. As does the camera, rivalled only by a few being Sony XZ2, XZ Premium.

          Anonymous, 16 Apr 2018whatever updates new ios brings - I need to switch from my ... moreLol iPhone victim. There is no better iPhone than Note8 in productivity, considering Android miles ahead of iOS, you no need smarthpone. If you only looking for how beautiful icons looks take some feature phone with beautiful icons and you set to go. Your comment about camera too complete Garbage. Note 8 camera is way better than iPhone 7

            AnonD-402894, 17 Apr 2018By scheduled messages he meant the feature to schedule SMS ... moreOh. Okie. I'm not entirely sure, is that feature existing in Android as well? Or I need to download an app for that? Learnt something new! O.O

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              • 17 Apr 2018

              Kiyasuriin, 16 Apr 2018In Sceduled SMS do you mean when a message was sent? If tha... moreBy scheduled messages he meant the feature to schedule SMS for future. Ex: birthday/ Christmas wishes

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                • 17 Apr 2018

                If they don't introduce multi window mode for iPhones then it will be a huge thumb down regardless of everything else. Just no excuse

                  Better care for older devices

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                    • 17 Apr 2018

                    220hz pwm on the iPhone X.

                    Fix that first.

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                      • 17 Apr 2018

                      Fayth, 16 Apr 2018True live wallpapersThis or more heavy parallax effect to ease our eyes

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                        • 17 Apr 2018

                        Or just copy existing Android features

                          If the next iPhone X gets a bigger battery and iOS 12 has the following features then I might switch back again to iOS:
                          1. Contacts search through the Dialer aka T9 dialing. Come on Apple, even a $20 feature phone has that feature since like the 2000s.
                          2. Ability to clear App cache without need to delete App. Apple's way of clearing app cache by deleting the app first, is a stupid waste of time and battery.
                          3. Allow choice of how to unlock phone (for non-iPhone X users), either slide to unlock or press home button
                          4. Dark mode across the UI
                          5. Revert UI design to pre-iOS 11 (iOS 11 is ugly particularly with the headers inside Apps).
                          6. Ultra-power saving mode, for worst case scenarios where preserving battery life is needed.
                          7. Restore feature where turning off WiFi and Bluetooth keeps it off (pre-iOS 11). iOS 11's method is both dumb and a waste of battery.
                          8. Fix RAM management and other issues.

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                            • 16 Apr 2018

                            Trump Fan 1980, 16 Apr 2018 Apple is going to add more ram in the future. I think we a... moreYes, that's for sure.

                            But a good management like they use to have prior iOS 11 is a big thing considering the long support for legacy devices. Remember that the iphone 6 is gonna receive iOS 12 (probably even the 5s).

                              AnonD-462696, 16 Apr 2018Hope to see scheduled SMS and more localized file browser.In Sceduled SMS do you mean when a message was sent? If that's the case it already exists: pull the green/blue messages to the left to view the time.
                              It exists since iOS 7

                                GeraltOfYenfer, 16 Apr 2018Sony.Or Sony. Heheh.

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                                  • 16 Apr 2018

                                  its hard to see our kids growing up and going away, its time to let our kids go. good bye IOS

                                    Kiyasuriin, 16 Apr 2018Try other phones. Of android. Samsung is not the only brand... moreSony.

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                                      • 16 Apr 2018

                                      In a few years they maybe might catch up on Windows Mobile 10.

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                                        • t7x
                                        • 16 Apr 2018

                                        Hope to see scheduled SMS and more localized file browser.