Digitimes: Tablet shipments reach new low in Q1, only 33 million units sold

02 May 2018
Expectations for Q2 are even grimmer, analysts forecast only 31.06 million shipments.

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  • Anonymous
  • sxs
  • 02 May 2018

Tablet market been falling much slower than i expected. I mean, for so many years we see again and again that people never use their android tablets, and why should they, theyre not useful for anything, its a product noone need.

iPad is a different story, theyre super fast and smooth and dont bog down with 990 notifications waiting to be read like android tablets do every 2 days. But still, ipads are being replaced by the newer iphones, esp the X makes people put away the ipad, the X is just so much better at everything, it does ipad tasks better than ipad itself. Apple need a total rethink of the future of ipad, in its current form it will die off.

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    • Anonymous
    • p26
    • 16 Apr 2018

    Is it faster than normal Iphone X ?

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      • Easytiger51
      • HDB
      • 16 Apr 2018

      It’s not being released which is a shame 😔