US bans ZTE from buying Qualcomm chipsets for seven years

16 April 2018
This has the potential to impact ZTE's business in a big way.

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ZTE can still give Helio P60 chipset that is good for mid range . It is not out of option

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2018Persuade? Samsung openly sells them. It's just that no one ... moreNot true. Samsung does not sell it openly and if it sells it sells unterlocked version or without few features. All proper batch keeping to themself. They no need to sell their chipsets cause it's not the main business driver. What it is more important is to supply chipsets to it's own phones and if there is a surplus, they when sell leftovers to Meizu by partnership deal, something like that.

It's a massive blow to ZTE. Mediatek chipset are not good enough, and people will not going to buy ZTE flagships without them, only option left to make its own chipset which will lead to insane R and D costs and will take a lot of time. RIP ZTE mobile division

  • Anonymous

Tronald Dump, 18 Apr 2018What about Sony, Samsung and LG smartphones? They too send ... moredid you read "illegally"

It's all right. Let Chinese people use only chinese products. American use only non-Chinese products. soon we should see a country become so much behind time again. A country had been benefiting from trade for years, and now sounded too loud. It's silly to disobey the US. which is the true No.1?

  • Tronald Dump

What about Sony, Samsung and LG smartphones? They too send smartphones to Iran (with Snapdragon Chipsets) why Trump doesn't punish them as well?....this is clearly an economy war on China...

  • AnonD-456831

MarkoBarko77, 18 Apr 2018Ok, then from usa perspective, it's Putins fault. Right?How would I know? I'm not from USA.

  • not donald trump

cant they just use mediatek, exynos, surge or other chipsets available but not from the us?

  • Anonymous

This is a politics-economical war. And soon others will be objectives too. From China goverment you already can listen voices that they'll do whatever they need to protect their interests. One of the probable targets is Apple. Due to have a propietary and closed SO is easy ban the sell of their products there due to not be able to trust their software, etc, etc. You'll be able to manufacture them there (profits for China) but not sell them there, no money back to US. Time to time.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-464144, 17 Apr 2018Apparently you dont because he used it in the correct conte... moreTin foil hat implies extreme paranoia. The person is supposedly so paranoid that he/she wears a tin foil hat, in the belief that it would block electromagnetic radiation, and thus prevent others from reading or manipulating his/her thoughts.

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mir, 17 Apr 2018That's not as easy as buying ice cream at the local conveni... moreNah, Mediatek is not really that dead nor worst, i just care more about performance when talking about smartphones. And they're really good at speeds at some emulation though.

AnonD-456831, 17 Apr 2018All these comments bashing USA when even some ZTE sales on ... moreOk, then from usa perspective, it's Putins fault. Right?

Dear ZTE, Getting good products is the right of everyone. Let it be Iran, Russia or North Korea. Do no feel bogged down when limited by bunch of criminals running a country. Grab Huawei's or Mediatek's latest offering and jump into our country Pakistan for sale. I am sure many of us would appreciate low-priced quality mid-rangerd

They should ban apple for buying amoled from Samsung.

  • Anonymous

meh, 17 Apr 2018i'll take democratic capitalism over Chinese authoritarian,... moreAnd your "democratic" capitalism is becoming dumber and worse with it's liberalism, diversity, victimhood, immigration, increasing wealth inequality, feminism, anti-male (misandrist) laws, emasculated/feminized men, anti-white propaganda, planned obsolescence, debt-based economy, ... (These are aslo true for Europe, Australia, Canada, ... the American imperialism.)

(USA is not a democracy. It is a corporatocracy with puppet politicians and two-party system where an independent politican/party has no chance. The establishment like Rothschilds, George Soros, ... have the true power.)

  • AnonD-752926

What if all companies quit buying snapdragon and switch to Huawei / Samsung ? Dear USA please ban everyone from buying US products lol

  • LKF

Can still use mediatek or even Samsung or Huawei chips

  • Noel

For the Axon 9 to be successful without the SD845, ZTE will have to either use Samsung or Huawei top chipset. It's a big blow to the Axon 9 prospect.

  • Troi

Kirin all the way then. Or maybe Samsung's propriety?

  • Anonymous

That sucks! I've been using ZTE mobile products since 2011 and have become quite used to them. ZTE at least admitted to violating the sanction, US commerce didn't have to deny use of qualcomm chipsets, they paid the 1.9 billion dollar fine, isn't that enough!?!