US bans ZTE from buying Qualcomm chipsets for seven years

16 April 2018
This has the potential to impact ZTE's business in a big way.

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Sorry, I got confused.

Xiaomi and Huawei are current main supplier of tele/data communication facilities in Iran. Both of them are official in China and Iran.


It is better to claim something meaningful. The think that that claim is the reason, is the funniest possible reasoning.

In fact they send Boeing and Airbus (Uses parts from Boeing) to that country directly.

A bunch of illegal suppliers who will become legal in near future are importer of ZTE products from illegal way like trafficking goods.

ZTE has zero effect on that country's technology.

If those who banned ZTE opened their eyes, they would ban the others which are the main supplier of smartphone for that country:

- Xiaomi - Redmi 5 Plus = SD625 = 11,490,000 IRR
- Xiaomi - Mi A1 = SD625 = 11,800,000 IRR
- Xiaomi - Mi Mix 2 = SD835 = 24,990,000 IRR
- Xiaomi - Mi 5s Plus = SD821 = 13,590,000 IRR
- vivo - X20 = SD660 = 27,590,000 IRR
- vivo - X20 Plus = SD660 = 28,600,000 IRR
- vivo - Xplay6 = SD820 = 27,290,000 IRR
- vivo - X9s = SD625 = 20,590,000 IRR
- vivo - X9 = SD625 = 19,750,000 IRR
- Oppo - R11s Plus = SD660 = 31,000,000 IRR
- Oppo - R11 Plus = SD660 = 27,590,000 IRR
- Oppo - R11s = SD660 = 25,990,000 IRR
- Oppo - R11 = SD660 = 24,590,000 IRR
- Oppo - A57 = SD435 = 11,590,000 IRR
- Oppo - R9s Plus = SD653 = 24,590,000 IRR
- OnePlus - 5T = SD835 = 32,750,000 IRR
- LeEco - Le Max 2 = SD820 = 12,450,000 IRR
- Huawei - Honor 7C = SD450 = 11,590,000 IRR
- Huawei - Y7 Prime = SD430 = 10,015,000 IRR
- Apple - iPhone X = A11 = 73,500,000 IRR
- Apple - iPhone 8 Plus = A11 = 61,400,000 IRR
- Apple - iPhone 8 = A11 = 50,050,000 IRR
- Apple - iPhone 7 Plus = A10 = 46,500,000 IRR
- Apple - iPhone 7 = A10 = 40,070,000 IRR
- Samsung - Galaxy J3 Pro = SD410 = 9,300,000 IRR
- Sony - Xperia XZ Premium = SD835 = 29,300,000 IRR
- Sony - Xperia XZ1 = SD835 = 27,200,000 IRR
- Sony - Xperia Z5 Premium = SD810 = 17,650,000 IRR
- LG - V30 = SD835 = 40,350,000 IRR
- LG - G6 = SD821 = 25,500,000 IRR
- LG - Q6 = SD435 = 14,550,000 IRR
- LG - K8 (2017) = SD425 = 7,450,000 IRR
- LG - K10 = SD410 = 7,600,000 IRR
- Google - Pixel 2 XL = SD835 = 65,450,000 IRR
- Google - Pixel 2 = SD835 = 57,200,000 IRR
HMD Global:
- Nokia - 8 = SD835 = 22,700,000 IRR
- Nokia - 6 = SD430 = 10,800,000 IRR
- Nokia - 5 = SD430 = 9,500,000 IRR
- Nokia - 2 = SD212 = 6,280,000 IRR
- HTC - U11+ = SD835 = 36,900,000 IRR
- HTC - U11 = SD835 = 28,700,000 IRR
- HTC - U11 Eyes = SD652 = 22,500,000 IRR
- HTC - Ultra = SD821 = 17,880,000 IRR
- BlackBerry - Keyone = SD625 = 31,350,000 IRR
- BlackBerry - Motion = SD625 = 29,300,000 IRR
- BlackBerry - DTEK60 = SD820 = 20,100,000 IRR
- BlackBerry - Priv = SD808 = 17,160,000 IRR
- BlackBerry - DTEK50 = SD617 = 13,000,000 IRR
- BlackBerry - Aurora = SD425 = 12,800,000 IRR
- BlackBerry - Passport = SD801 = 11,850,000 IRR

If I was the judge or among jury, I would definitely say that "We hate the brand!"

  • David Icke

AnonD-464144, 17 Apr 2018Apparently you dont because he used it in the correct context T... more"Conspiracy theorists wear "tin hats""

Sorry, I hate to break it to you but I think you will find that many conspiracy theorists don't actually wear tin hats, its certainly not a requirement.

He? Is that an assumption a guess, what?

If you had paid enough attention you would of noticed that I simply asked a question when replying to the poster in an effort to establish whether or not the post was indeed factual.

Klaim, 17 Apr 2018It's fun as you try to evade the truth by retelling cliché... moreIs it? Now check the kernel version and sub version on the phone you currently use & put it into perspective of claimed security patch applied. I can update kernel apply CAF CVE patches after that & I can use LineageOS ROM side with applied patches, make a TWRP with same kernel. But a moment you choose to install Gaps or install Chinese market you install & spyware. It's your choice & they both have a long user agreement policy tied to it. Same goes with social networks & most of popular property chat apps. Allied? They don't give f**k about you. Communism is much more human than Imperialism masked behind terms as democracy. The father of progressive liberal democracy is a proven racist & extreme nationalist. Try to allie with that.

  • AnonD-739791

It's official; my next phone will be ZTE. My first smartphone was made by them. They rocked my Whirl with the Z660G. Thank you U.S. Dept of Commerce for setting a precedent; if ZTE is banned from buying Qualcomm chipsets to use in their devices, then please ban Obama for the Iran deal(this is sarcasm for the erroneous ruling against ZTE). While I am American, I will buy the device that suits my needs, and ZTE can do that for me then I will get one. ZTE was my first smartphone and it will be my last.

regs, 17 Apr 2018MediaTek is effectively dead. Almost no one buying their SoC. Th... morewhat a load of crap. they are not 'dead' at all, far from it. Exiting tge ultra high end soc segment does not impact their entry and mid lever socs which are widely used by several chinese brands as well as the likes of Sony and HTC.

watch out for the helio p60 and 70 coming in smartphones soon. The helio p60 in the Oppo F7 and R15 is kicking qualcomms behind in performance benchmarks, and matching the battery levels. The P60 scores more than the 636 in almost all benchmarks.

  • AnonD-456831

All these comments bashing USA when even some ZTE sales on specific products were already banned in Taiwan and Japan because of multiple violations not only in commerce but private sectors as well and probably the very same reason why US banned them in the first place. But hey, it's America. It's bashing time

  • Kibaikasu

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2018That's not true since the previous year: Nubia Technology is ... moreThat could actually depend on what kind of time frame we're speaking of here. If ZTE was already under investigation last year and it was only last year that Nubia became it's own thing, then depending on if there was a change in leadership and Nubia hierarchy is different than what it was back then, then it's entirely feasible that they could also be impacted with sanctions. We would need exact dates to compare.

  • AnonD-752804

Shame on USA ... they want to control the world economy and this has nothing to do with selling to Iran.

  • PNR

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2018Perhaps it's time ZTE designed it's own chips.It’d probably be a better idea to try to use samsung’s or something, developing a chipset is not cheap, or if that fails they can always use the mtk chipsets like many chinese phone uses right now.

  • Anonymous

Mikey, 17 Apr 2018ehhhhh... quick search it looks like ZTE still has the controll... moreThat's not true since the previous year:

Nubia Technology is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Originally started as a wholly owned subsidiary of ZTE in 2012 it became an independent company in 2015 and received a significant investment from Suning Commerce Group in 2016. ZTE reduced its stake in Nubia to 49.9% in 2017 officially meaning Nubia was no longer considered a subsidiary of the company.

So legally is no more a susidiary and can't be banned with the same ban. The US goverment should find Nubia guilty of something and ban them aside, something that does not happen now.

  • Mikey

Leire, 17 Apr 2018Will this affect Nubia too? This could crush the Z18, Z18 mini a... moreehhhhh... quick search it looks like ZTE still has the controlling interest in nubia with 90% ownership.

If that's the case they could be just as responsible as VW is for the diesel emissions fiasco with their subsidiaries Audi and Porsche.

This could actually be a problem

  • AnonD-464144

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2018You don't know what tin foil hat implies, do you?Apparently you dont because he used it in the correct context
This is not a conspiracy
Conspiracy theorists wear "tin foil hats"

  • Anonymous

ZTE broke a mirror.. 7 years bad luck!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2018Nubia is not a subsidiary anymore and is independent since 2015.... moreYou are right, Nubia is no longer subsidiary but since last year legally, so the ban doesn't affect them. And Red Magic is a subsidiary of Nubia not ZTE so Red Magic is not banned too.

  • Anonymous

haha, haha, haha, haha

  • Mikey

r33fd, 17 Apr 2018Bad news for customers. Yup... This will effectively KILL ZTE in that market segment. No way does Samsung let them have a Samsung flagship CPU and same goes for Huawei. Maybe mid range chips... but that's even a stretch.

Just means one less option for the consumers.


ZTE imports should be limited too. Flooding the market with Chinese products is counterproductive to American products.

  • Anonymous

Leire, 17 Apr 2018Will this affect Nubia too? This could crush the Z18, Z18 mini a... moreNubia is not a subsidiary anymore and is independent since 2015.

For some reasons every site calls it ZTE subsidiary.
So it will probably not be affected by this.

  • Leire

Will this affect Nubia too? This could crush the Z18, Z18 mini and Red Magic too if their suppliers are the same. Or could Nubia buy components despite of being a sub-brand of ZTE? It could be the key to save ZTE and the way to obtain profits.

  • Anonymous

Perhaps it's time ZTE designed it's own chips.