Samsung reportedly finalized the Galaxy S10 design today

17 April 2018
Industry insiders hint at no major design changes to the "Infinity Display" formula. 3D camera and under-display fingerprint reader are likely.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2018Where is the selfy camera?Use logitech webcam?

SWEET! 100% StB design atlast!

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2018Where is the selfy camera?behind the screen???

  • AnonD-1385

For it's 10th anniversary I'm expecting the Samsung Galaxy S10 to have a nice overhaul, not just in design but in specs too. The 3D camera is the only thing that sounds good so far. I will take everything with a pinch of salt hoping for a lot more than what I just read.

  • Anonymous

Where is the selfy camera?