Samsung Croix wins IF design award

04 Sep, 2007
Samsung have been awarded the IF Communication Design Award 2007 in "digital media interface" category with the Croix interface on their 5 megapixel wannabe Samsung F700 - a mobile...

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  • Anonymous

awesome phone any idea on it savailability?

  • Charn

I think this phone is pretty amazing but one small problem... does anyone know if there is any supporting software out there to sync it with my mac? ahhh! thanks ;)

  • Kal

Not sure why my posting has been deleted.
According to some sites its coming to Vodafone in November.
Does this sounds a remor GSMarena?!!

  • Anonymous

this concept phone came out way before iphone plus iphone is horrible juss bcuz its an apple product ppl think its the best so many better phones nokia nd sony ericsson nd samsung got way better phones

  • sagor

simply great.papa of iphone

  • ian

no wifi dude...whats wrong...

  • PK

The multi-touch in the iPhone is so much like the way we interact. It's a device that shows that Apple knows how to integrate existing technology and makes it work together well. Try it.

Also, after seeing releases of current devices from LG, Samsung and even Nokia, the latter is a shameless copy of the iPhone literally, I think that we'll be seeing a lot more of these touch-based devices, be it media players or phones. This is a normal thing as technology gets cheaper, in this case these touch screens.

  • derek

I know people who own the iphone and they hate it. One guy might get it just for the internet alone and no other good reason. I love and support samsung 100%.

  • Anonymous

this is gooood... i can't wait to see a competitor for nokia n95 8gb, but it remains to be seen if this phone dethrones the king n95.

  • Anonymous

iPhone Sucks! What is so good about it: The GPS, touch screen, 2MP camera or the music/video player? It is all old technology, but as always people are blinded by the Apple brand and worship it. See this Samsung at least has 5MP camera… and who knows else what! Long live Samsung!

  • Helen

with this phone samsung is DEAD ! in my opinion :D , no way apple is much much better than this *

  • Anonymous

i dont like the ifone at all, its all hype and no hope for it!!
Samsung looks better, but i tell you there are sooooo much better handsets out there than an ifone, just take a look at palm, htc, hp and many other well known ppc manufacturers. people please comon now dont follow people off a cliff, make the choice urself and actually do some research before buying a fone. An advert told me to buy the ifone so i did :S seriously not good atall

  • Muhammad Samid Ali

Hey, this is cheating, apple iphone is a mind blowing mobile, instead of this samsung F700. samsung shame shame.
iphone is a grt achievement frm apple.
long live iphone.!

  • Jackson Porter

Typical from Samsung. Show off a phone and then take a year to release it, if ever.

  • Anonymous

There is no way in hell the croix could have copied the iphone.its far much hotter than the iphone.who doesnt agree?

  • Anonymous

copy iphone? who want to copy a oversized 2 mp camera phone?

  • Kayhan

Yeah this came out before the iphone. just took a while.

  • Anonymous

This phone design was released before the iphone!!Just takin long time to get released!

  • Anonymous

Another copy from iphone

  • Anonymous

poor phone poor unreliable technology as seen in all new samsungs