Samsung announces Wave 3, Wave M, and Wave Y bada 2.0 trio

30 August, 2011
The Korean giant has a bada phone for every taste and budget.Updated with live shots

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  • dev

I am sure this is going to be a flopshow by samsung.guys plannin to buy a smartphone for applications,please ignore this phone.

  • G

Plastic look again

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2011samsung should have use android in place of bada... Samsung already using Bada Galaxy S,S2,W,M,Y,R..

  • Anonymous

samsung should have use android in place of bada...

  • The S

Wave 3 niceeeeeeeeeeeee..loving it :D

  • AnonD-7494

Disappointed by 1.4GHZ for top dog.
Obviously Samsung is limiting it's high tech(s) to Android devices and make bada it's mid and low-end platform.
I was expecting at least 1GHZ dual-core for top of the line bada device...really disappointing.

  • Anonymous

uhh.. is the wave M bigger than the wave 3 or is it just me??

  • AnonD-10547

Again a copy cut design of samsung wave y...this time they copied nokia..wave y looks like nokia C6-01. SAMSUNG please stop copying other brands design..

  • fun9

nice,esspecially wave 3. Ck ck ck ck ck, reconsider in buying a new phone, 2 many options now

  • AnonD-15367

Awesome! Samsung is not ditching Bada at last! But we really need more apps! But the OS is very smooth and the HD games never lag!

  • AnonD-3398

long live BADA.. BADA has huge potential.. its smooth, fluid.. very good MobiOS.. i bought and sold many a smartphones in past 2 years, but could not sell S8500, cause neither i wanted it to sell.. loving it.. and in the course of one year of usage, this phone never hanged till date neither self rebooted.. GREAT device.. but yes, waiting for a huge update, heard abt BADA 2.. lets see, what more will it offer..

  • AnonD-15787

Bada is a nice OS but samsungapps is so bad there is almost no useful apps but its still so young and however bada made great success as a new OS