LG Watch Timepiece details leak, it will be a hybrid smartwatch with Wear OS

27 April 2018
It's been a while since the company last released a wearable.

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  • Anonymous
  • p4K
  • 30 Apr 2018

Interesting to see the outcome from traditional watch + Wear OS. Lack of wireless charging and a bit too small battery are conserns.

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    • Mad respect for LG
    • B{S
    • 28 Apr 2018

    When you go down, you go down in a blaze of glory! Please keep churning these weird failures. Make them so bad your name ripples through history as a smart device maker that almost ended humanity, because people were about to kill themselves before seeing another of your flops!

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      • AnonD-375149
      • B}f
      • 28 Apr 2018

      another spectacular FUP from LG! way to go down guys!

        • DarK
        • JBt
        • 28 Apr 2018

        PiCosm, 27 Apr 2018No wireless charging, no sale. Better still, USB-C + wirele... moreabove that stupid LCD screen i mean come on it's 2018 all smartwatches should be either OLED or reflective low-power color display other than that i feel it's gonna look stupid with LCD screen on smartwatch :/

          i hope to see the first one that is larger than 1.4"

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            • LG ThinQ Nothing
            • mk9
            • 27 Apr 2018

            In the age of the heath and gps features, they choose to put a tiny battery with and a quartz movement and i bet that the display will be the traditional one that turns off all the time because eats the battery. They've learning nothing, another sink of money and waste of resources for sell nothing.

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              • PiCosm
              • mpR
              • 27 Apr 2018

              No wireless charging, no sale. Better still, USB-C + wireless, so you can top it up using chargers when on the move.