Nokia Maps application upgraded

11 Sep, 2007
Nokia introduced a new version of its widely popular Nokia Maps, an application for routing from A to B in an earth browsing experience that allows you to zoom in from the globe to a desired...

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  • Ricky

how i can download it on my N70.

  • kemkem

this map are to sure install the n73 unit of my cp..reply

  • priya

Fes, 25 Jan 2011Where can i get to download the nokia map on my nokiaN70plz i want to know how can i used nokia map application..

  • Fes

Where can i get to download the nokia map on my nokiaN70

  • Anonymous

nokia maps updater won't recognize my nokia n95
Could any one help with this issue

  • Ann

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2008can anybody tell me the steps in making nokia maps work with my n75?can anybody tell me the steps in making nokia maps work with my n73 black?

  • Ann

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2008can anybody tell me the steps in making nokia maps work with my n75?Nokia introduced a new version of its widely popular nokia maps?

  • Anonymous

can anybody tell me the steps in making nokia maps work with my n75?

  • Joe

The updated map software DOESN'T have tracking for free. You have to pay for the navigation service. It does link to satellites much faster and also looks better. However, without tracking, all those goodies are waste. The only way I found to revert back to the original map version was to press *#7370# and reset your phone. Remember to backup your phone first. The lock code is usually 12345.


  • AleXXX

The best upgrade Ev3r . GO NOKIA ( waiting for the 8 GB to come :x ) Romania Rulz , Holland Drools :)

  • no6272

moan moan moan moan moan moan complain complain compalin winge winge winge, if things are that bad get rid of your n95 and stop complaining

  • Point Man

@ no6272:
If you do that then you lose the whole point of the tracking feature. In the old version it used to track you without having to "plan a route". What if im in a place where I just want to keep track of my surroudings? I wouldnt want to plan a route everytime I am in a new place. I so want to go back to the old version.

  • Sam

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know how to restore back to the old nokia maps application?

This new map upgrade is the worst thing (I'd rather have bird flu than use it)

My old one for some reason had the map available to browse and see... with this one you need to download every second which is a waste and defeats the whole purpose.

  • Geoff

I can't find any maps available for Philippines. Can anybody else confirm if this is correct or am I just looking in the wrong place?

  • no6272

if you plan a route doesnt matter where could be 1 street away then you will get the option of tracking which works the same as the old one thickos

  • Point Man

I dont know what y'all going on and on for. I checked and double checked, the tracking feature is NOT there anymore. The "Navigation" is a different feature and it does COST more than a dime to use it.
by "following" what I mean is that the + sign on the map DOES move as u move from one place to another, however the actual "box" around the plus sign (the box u can control with the keypad to go up/down/left/right) stays at the INITIAL gps position. So meaning when you turn the maps application on and it gets a signal from the satellite, you get the "+" sign with a box around it. If you start moving away from the "INITIAL locked on position" u will notice that your poisition is being "updated live" because the "+" sign will move along as u move, BUT the original "square box" around it stays at the INITIAL locked position. This forces your map to stay at the initial locked on screen. You can MANUALLY move around and it will show u the new/updated position; however its not like the old map application where both the box and the + signed moved together simultaneously. I hope this made sense.
If any of you do have the tracking feature, somehow working, can you please explain HOW u are doing it? So far i see some people saying "oh yeah its there and it works" but i havent come across anyone explaining "how". It would be appreciated. Cheers!

  • no6272

no its still called tracking do any off you no how to use this fone, jesus wept

  • Anonymous

The tracking feature is now called 'navigation' and comes with an arrow and stuff like that so it's much better than before and doesn't cost a dime.

  • khaled

thank you for these program

  • Anonymous

when I want to install the upgrade I recieve a message saying : Upgrade Error. can anyone help me please. (I have a N95)