HTC posts first profit in 11 quarters

08 May 2018
HTC finally profits after 11 successive quarters in the red.

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why u post this article... profit? google can save u only one or two time not forever....

Dear people.
Motorola gone under Lenovo.
Sony Erricsson gone under Sony.
HTC maybe will gone under Google.
Now if google puts hands off HTC will be gone forewer.
Like many old brands such as siemens and many others.

Alien , 09 May 2018The 3.5mm jack is rolling on the floor, laughing at HTC :)) It'... moreContain yg emotion, dude... Htc has never makes notch phone and your anger just showing your low EQ just hit the floor lol.

Aww for a moment there I thought HTC was really gathering itself up! It was all but a dream, when their source of profit was from the deal with Google, and not from direct smartphone sales! I wish HTC would really really catch up, they make realllly good phones I think. But sometimes, their strategy looks so worse than those of Chinese companies, they still think they have the same brand value they had like years ago. Now the scene is so much different. It's not that they make essentially bad phones, but they hardly learn from their mistakes, in the name of staying true to their own language. And the main point for their current condition and how they could improve this in my opinion, is to price their phone competitively.

Anyway, I wish the best for this company!

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Sushant Sic, 09 May 2018Good Hardware with Competitive Pricing... Only these things can ... moreAgree, a lot fans knew this, htc insisted on current strategy. Hopefully not end up like nokia & RIM

The executives will feast on the bonuses ... with the help from Google.
In effect, the company did shit in real term.

  • Alien

The 3.5mm jack is rolling on the floor, laughing at HTC :))
It's that simple :

- remove the jack = NO BUY!
- add a notch = NOtch BUY!
- remove the SD card slot = NO BUY!

Only a person with the IQ of 10 will say removing a feature is innovation..

  • Anonymous

Stan, 09 May 2018So in reality, they are 400 mil in the red? Google's deal was a... moreyeah that is what I noticed, 1.1 billion deal, 400m loss, 700m remaining. If they carry on at that pace they'll burn through the 700m and be back to losing money by another 2 quarters. I really like HTC based on my experience with the HTC One m7 (was a really popular phone then) but I wanted to try others so moved to Samsung and then Huawei, HTC was the best experience of the 3 in my mind but their phones are expensive and not differentiated from others well enough atm.

Their main contribution to the smartphone game is to make the Google Pixel phones.

Basically the downfall of HTC is done by them only... They brought out the same designed devices since M7 in Flagship category where nobody showed interest and Midranged Desire series was killed by other Chinese Brands...

  • AzlanArsh

wuahahahahaha im so happy to see their demise !!
cant wait to see them shutting down.

HTC is back, watch out Samdung!!

It's such a shame, they usually make such beautiful hardware ;(

  • Kangal

It's foolish to wait for HTC, they have a proven-trackrecord of making many blunders. Firstly, it was the lower-specs compared to competition. Then it was thickness. Also the OS bloat. Then it was the wide bezels. And the bad camera solution. Lets not mention the high prices in many markets. Small battery capacity and life. Then it was the fragility. Now it's the availability.

However, within these works of shame there are glimpses of smart that shine through. Like their front-firing stereo speakers. The selection of Aluminium unibody as a build material. Or their focus on Pixel Size instead of Resolution. Various design elements like Camera protecting metal, or squeeze buttons, or a hidden Kickstand. I hope Google hires these brilliant workers, and not the burocractic lot. Yet I am doubtful of that, since HTC/Google decided to nix the 3.5mm aux port from the latest Pixel phones

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Fitbri, 09 May 2018I do hope things progress well. HTC make some really beautiful d... moreMaybe they merge with other china OEM would help...

Sushant Sic, 09 May 2018Good Hardware with Competitive Pricing... Only these things can ... moreAgreed. They can shut those companies if they price their phones competitively well with their excellent hardware prowess.

Good Hardware with Competitive Pricing... Only these things can save the HTC from here... HTC should not compete with Samsung or Apple... They should rather have a race with OnePlus and Xiaomi's flagships... No one would love to pay 700 to 1000$ on HTC Phones or HTC Brand and that's the fact HTC should understand...

Hopes for HTC to not make something bad on their phones this year if they want to continue their journey in the mobile world.

So it like the last chance for htc to shine.
I hope they don't do something stupid.

I do hope things progress well. HTC make some really beautiful devices. Still enjoying A9 immensely. Snappy little beauty